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The oddity of Trump’s impeachment trial is lawyers always want more witnesses

Here’s what readers have to say in Friday’s letters to the editor.

Lawyers want more witnesses

House sends trial to Senate | Jan. 16

As a practicing lawyer for more than 40 years, I’ve never seen a dispute where the parties — on both sides — weren’t anxious to put forward as many witnesses as possible to prove their case or their defense.

I want Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott to watch the entire Rachel Maddow interview with Lev Parnas and then call a joint press conference to explain to Floridians why they don’t want to hear testimony from witnesses at the impeachment trial.

Gary Gibbons, St. Petersburg

Electable vs. competent

Stop irrelevant gender talk | Column, Jan. 16

In every presidential election, there are candidates who are capable of doing the job, but for various reasons, are not electable. As we have seen, there are also candidates who are not capable of doing the job, but they are electable. Don’t confuse the two.

Tracy Fugleberg, Tampa

Teachers train the future

Try working a retail job | Letter, Jan. 16

Teachers are not like retail workers. They are responsible for our most important beings of the future. While they may get holidays and summer off, they also take their work home with them to be prepared for lessons. Although I do not work in the education field, I do not resent them getting the salaries that may bring the children the best in the field. The importance of their job is inestimable.

Cheryl Bullock, St. Petersburg

Water trumps roads

Water is at risk if roads win | Column, Jan. 13

Michele Arceneaux, former president of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, speaks during a press conference against three proposed toll roads in the Florida Capitol on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019. [ LAWRENCE MOWER | Lawrence Mower ]

Victoria Tschinkel’s column is a brilliant, clear and concise explanation for why we don’t need three toll roads destroying thousands of acres of agricultural land, wildlife corridors, and pristine environmental lands. The column also explains why, statewide, the voting public overwhelmingly supported programs such as Preservation 2000, Florida Forever and Amendment 1 to protect these lands by conservation easements or purchase. It is past time to fund Amendment 1. The growth projected for Florida demands the Legislature act now while these lands which are so vital to our future are available for preservation.

Jan Smith, Lutz

One man, one yacht

One big boat | Jan. 15

A large yacht, the Bella Vita, was docked at Port St. Pete, a port dedicated to superyachts near downtown St. Petersburg on Tuesday. [ Bill Varian | Times ]

I was sitting in a cafe beside the Suez Canal in 1965 when what I thought was a large white naval vessel went by. Afterward, someone asked me if I had seen the Christina O, Aristotle Onassis’ yacht. Actually, it had previously been a Canadian anti-submarine River-class frigate called HMCS Stormont, launched in 1943. It’s hard to comprehend the amount of wealth it takes to own a luxury yacht some 300 feet long with a crew of dozens.

Pete Wilford, Holiday

No points for candor

Matt Gaetz and Chris Latvala Twitter feud: politics, sex and daddy | Jan. 15

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz and Florida Rep. Chris Latvala. [ Times ]

Rarely do we get an inside look at how our government works. The tweet storm between Republicans Matt Gaetz and Chris Latvala opened the door to shine a light on the nasty underbelly of our state’s politics. One point for sleeping with a lobbyist? Two points for sleeping with staff? Three with another legislator? Six for sleeping with a married legislator? Apparently, the business we pay them to conduct ... is monkey business.

Alan Raun, Largo