How does print compare to an e-paper? Readers are adapting well
Here’s what readers are saying in Sunday’s letters to the editor.
Reader Shane Bell and his 9-month-old son, Carson, read the Tampa Bay Times' e-paper.
Reader Shane Bell and his 9-month-old son, Carson, read the Tampa Bay Times' e-paper. [ Provided by Shane Bell ]
Published Apr. 10, 2020

I’m actually okay with the e-paper

Tampa Bay Times adopts temporary Sunday, Wednesday print schedule due to coronavirus | March 30

Color me red—my face, that is! I’ve just got done reading the Tampa Bay Times online version for the first time and, I’m embarrassed to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I still missed that papery feeling under my fingers, but I delighted to see the familiar typeset, the familiar layout—everything I loved in the paper version was still there. My distress at not having a paper version delivered was immediately relieved. There were even some things I liked better: like being able to increase the size of the type to a more readable level. I will still look forward to getting my paper newspaper back in the future. But in the meantime, this is more than adequate. Thank you, Tampa Bay Times!

Carolyn Klema, New Port Richey

A new day in Tampa Bay

Our new reality in Tampa Bay. I loved my paper in print. I love my books in print. However, good journalism is good journalism and I’ll take it however I can get it. Thank you, Tampa Bay Times. We’re here for you. Thanks for being there for us.

Ed Lally, St. Petersburg

There’s one bright spot

My husband and I made the difficult decision to stop getting printed versions of the Times when I retired several years ago. I was sorry not to have the printed version on my lap, but there was one bright spot. My husband and I always read the paper at the same time, and we would have to fight over who would get which section first. With the online version, we each get our own copy on our own device, so we can read the same articles at the same time. We applaud the Times for its ability to find expedited ways to keep local news coming to subscribers, and offer a message for those who may find themselves reading the daily edition online: it's not so bad.

Betsy Clement, Dunedin

Fair and factual is what we expect

We appreciate the Tampa Bay Times so much! We will miss holding it in our hands each morning but we understand the reasons for that loss and will go online. Wherever we read the Times, we know we can count on fair and factual reporting which is extremely important in this time of troubling biases and untrue claims.

Rev. Lois Rogers-Watson & Rev. Eugene Watson, Palm Harbor

Thanks for bringing back puzzles

Thank you, thank you, thank you! While my wife & I enjoy the printed edition of the Times, the section we enjoy the most is the puzzle pages. Every morning we do the crosswords and sudoku. Our biggest fear was that without the printed copy, we could no longer do these puzzles. But now that you’ve printed the Game Times with the daily puzzles, our fears are gone, and we’re delighted!

Richard Krause, St. Petersburg

Not-for-profit model matters

I am writing to express my support and appreciation for the work you all do to provide balanced investigative, informative, and uplifting information for the community. I have subscribed to the Tampa Bay Times ever since it expanded into Hillsborough County. I have read newspapers from all over the United States, and the Times is one of the best. Because of our frequent travels, I began subscribing to the electronic edition about ten years ago. It has many advantages, especially remote access and high-definition photos. As this version is expanded with more content because of unlimited space, I’m sure I will find it an even better value. The Times is independent, and owned by a not-for-profit organization, which makes it unique. The values and principles reflected by your leadership and staff result in opinion columns that promote open and responsive government, and policies and programs that benefit the community as a whole. You call out politicians that do not live up to their responsibilities or abuse their authority. Republicans are the focus more often, not because of their party, but because there are more of them in positions of power in Florida. I am cheering for your continued success!

Robert More, Riverview

For the first time, I read the Times online

I have just finished reading the Tampa Bay Times online; my first time reading a newspaper online. I was reluctant but willing to adjust during this COVID-19 crisis. It was surprisingly easy to do. The print was crisp and the colorful pictures popped out on the computer screen. Best of all, I was comforted during these uncertain times to rediscover one of my all time favorite comics, For Better for Worse, which I will enjoy reading for the second time around. Thank you for finding a way to keep providing my daily news, both local and national, which i crave.

Jan Tracy, Safety Harbor

I want to share the Times with my son

Reader Shane Bell and his 9-month-old son, Carson, read the e-paper.
Reader Shane Bell and his 9-month-old son, Carson, read the e-paper. [ Provided by Shane Bell ]

I’m a 44 years old Times subscriber w/ a 9 month old son. Age-wise, I’m in that fuzzy area caught between my love for the actual feel of the print edition in my hands and the ease of reading the paper on my iPad when I travel for work. Either way, I enjoy reading your paper daily... right next to my morning coffee. It’s been in my routine since I was a kid learning to read. My father made me read any 3 news articles of my choice (only one could be from the sports section) a day... his reasoning was that it would help me learn to read AND curate a curiosity of news, which it has. I just donated to both the Journalism and Investigation funds. A small ‘thank you’ for what the newspaper has given me daily for most of my life....with the hope I can share the same w/ my son in a few years. Stay Strong.

Shane Bell, St. Petersburg