Don’t forgive student loan debt. Use the nations bankruptcy laws instead | Letters
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People should be allowed to use the bankruptcy courts to get rid of student loan debt, a letter writer says.
People should be allowed to use the bankruptcy courts to get rid of student loan debt, a letter writer says.
Published Mar. 2
Updated Mar. 2

Let debtors file bankruptcy

Forgiving student loan debts? A ham-handed idea | Column, Feb. 28

I agree with a lot of columnist Mac Stipanovich’s comments about the perils of the federal government forgiving student loan debt, but he offers no solutions. I also appreciate that many former students are now trapped for life by their loans which continue to accrue interest. The solution to this massive problem is to reform our nation’s bankruptcy laws which currently make discharging student loan debts in bankruptcy virtually impossible.

This problem could be fixed and be equitable by affording student loan debtors with relief through Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code where a portion of the debt is paid over three to five years and the balance forgiven. For debtors with no ability to repay even a portion of the debt, Chapter 7 could be available to wipe out the debt entirely. Such reforms would individualize the relief and be a lot more fair than anything else that has been proposed.

James Byrne, St. Petersburg

Older people still need vaccines

DeSantis order expands coronavirus vaccine options for high-risk people under 65 | Feb. 28

I hope Gov. Ron DeSantis checks that many people in their 80′s and 90′s have still not received the first COVID shot before he he opens the door for the 60 to 65 age group. Adding more eligible people would mean that it would take that much longer for the elders to get the shot. Find a way to get all the 70-, 80- and 90-year-olds scheduled for an appointment before opening the flood gates.

Chuck Finlon, Bradenton

Box in the politicians

Take down razor wire, fencing at Capitol, D.C. residents plead | March 1

The best thing about the wall they built around the Capitol would be if we could close the gates and keep all the politicians inside, with no media, no lobbyists, and no getting out until they get something done. That way we would not have to listen to all the useless rhetoric. Results are all I want to hear.

Michael Bugosh, Sun City Center

Trump isn’t big news anymore

Trump hints at a 2024 run | March 1

Donald Trump lost the social media bullhorn he used to spread lies, conspiracy theories and juvenile insults. With his words as president, he inspired millions of gullible people to falsely claim that the election was stolen from him, and incited thousands to rally in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6th and storm the U.S. Capitol in a deadly insurrection. This is why social media took his bullhorn away. I fervently hope that the Tampa Bay Times will consider this the next time an editor says, “Hey! Let’s lead with a Trump front page headline!” If it’s news, a single column on page 2 or 3 would suffice.

Mackie McNamara, Tampa

Unity is a two-way street

Trump hints at a 2024 run | March. 1

The Washington Post article that the Times published stated that former President Donald Trump repeated false claims of election fraud. Perhaps if the Democrats, the mainstream media and Big Tech had insisted that all contested election fraud hearings be held and covered on national TV for everyone to hear and see the evidence, then maybe what happened at the Capitol could have been lessened or prevented. The Democrats preach unity and turning down the temperature. A simple change in verbiage such as replacing “false claims” with “unfounded claims” or “unproven claims” would do just that.

Mark Khan, Tampa