Florida Legislature’s anti-transgender bill is a waste of time | Letters
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The Capitol in Tallahassee is seen following Opening Day of the Florida Legislature earlier this month.
The Capitol in Tallahassee is seen following Opening Day of the Florida Legislature earlier this month. [ IVY CEBALLO | Times ]
Published Mar. 19
Updated Mar. 19

Solving non-existent problems

Florida bills would stop transgender athletes from playing women’s sports | March 15

The Florida Legislature’s mantra seems to be “If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.” First there was the anti-protest bill, then the anti-voting bill, and now the anti-transgender-in-school-sports bill. When sponsors were asked for Florida cases showing why new laws are needed in our state, they couldn’t think of one. C’mon on folks. Florida has plenty of real problems to spend your time on.

Mike Patterson, Tampa

Royal overload

Why we care about the royal family feud | March 15

Really, Tampa Bay Times? Not only do we have to suffer through endless coverage of a prime-time TV interview of the royal family, but also we have to see a snarky gossip column on the Opinion page. Why do we care about the royal family feud and what Peggy Noonan has to say about it? We don’t.

Susan Burnore, Gulfport

Support local news

This is Carl Hiaasen’s last column | Column, March 14

Carl Hiaasen’s final Miami Herald column explains why I will always subscribe to and support my local newspaper, even if I at times find it infuriating. If the Tampa Bay Times isn’t there to send reporters to city council and county commission meetings, who will go and tell the public what’s up? Who will dedicate resources of people and money to investigate the shenanigans of development boards and other holders of public trust? Who will spend the time to train and develop young reporters to the level of Hiaasen and those like him at the Tampa Bay Times? Not the local radio and television stations, who can offer only a few minutes of airtime daily. Not the USA Todays that have no one working in our small cities and towns, and who must chase readers with sensational tales about celebrities. And certainly not that phantom phalanx of “investigators” pounding out blogs and websites from their basements, flooding the internet with theories designed to incense, not to inform.

I wept a tear reading Hiaasen’s final funny, wrenching, important words. I salute him and the journalists like him, fighting the good fight on behalf of all of us. I fervently hope they can keep their jobs.

P.S. Yes, I sent a complaint letter to the Times just yesterday, whining about Peggy Noonan’s latest snarky gossip column. But I truly appreciate your every effort, and I am thankful for the fact the our local paper continues to exist, with too little support from the public.

Susan Burnore, Gulfport

Hiaasen, one of a kind

This is Carl Hiaasen’s last column | Column, March 14

I was saddened when I read that Carl Hiaasen would be retiring from writing columns for the Miami Herald, but so happy that the Tampa Bay Times printed his last one. Hiaasen’s columns were well written, informative and funny. He has always been on the people’s side, exposing the many crooked businessmen and politicians in this crazy state. I will miss his column but appreciate the many years of reading it. Thank you, Carl Hiaasen.

Ann Jamieson, St. Petersburg

What about felons’ victims?

Florida’s Clemency Board didn’t actually do much to help felons regain the right to vote | Column, March 15

I’ve lost count of the editorials and columns the Tampa Bay Times has printed in support of felons being able to vote, the latest being recently by Mark Schlakman. You can argue all you want about what the definition of “all” is, but until I see the same support to the victims of the felons’ crimes that you show to the felons, you won’t have my support. Not once have I seen an article about the struggles of the victim of these criminals, be it financially, medically or emotionally.

What if that restitution is needed to help the victim with their losses due to the crime? Should we not be more concerned with that? No, those on the left are more concerned about winning elections with the help of felons being allowed to vote.

Scott Shimer, Land O’ Lake

COVID: Florida vs. Canada

Florida added 4,599 coronavirus cases, 59 deaths Wednesday | March 17

Canada has had about 922,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 23,000 deaths. Florida, with just over half the population, has had 2 million cases and nearly 33,000 deaths. Why so many Floridians hail Gov. Ron DeSantis and handling of COVID-19 is a mystery to much of the world. Canadians may come back to enjoy your sun again, but it’s really hard to look at your state the same way when one is awakened to the fact so many there are so isolated from reality.

John Vickers, Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada