Don’t gut Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship program | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Monday’s letters to the editor.
The Florida Legislature is considering a major overhaul to the Bright Futures Scholarship program.
The Florida Legislature is considering a major overhaul to the Bright Futures Scholarship program.
Published Mar. 22
Updated Mar. 22

Shortsighted on scholarships

On Bright Futures, state Sen. Baxley believes the Florida economy can grow — by pushing students away | Column, March 18

Legislators proposing to limit Bright Futures scholarships are being shortsighted. How about allowing people to pursue their passions, improve on their strengths, and add maybe a few courses in entrepreneurial and business skills? Awarding scholarships only to those seeking degrees leading to “hot job market” opportunities doesn’t make much sense. For one thing, the market can change a lot in four years, and as we’ve seen countless times, jobs can be outsourced or done by computers or robots. Also, how does it help to have all college graduates get the same “job oriented” degrees, and then have them compete for the finite number of jobs in those industries? That could render those degrees as worthless as the ones in underwater basket-weaving.

Kimberly Diaz, St. Petersburg

More than nothing

Gov. Ron DeSantis offers blueprint for federal COVID-19 stimulus funding | March 16

Gov. Ron DeSantis is complaining that he should be getting $2 billion more in stimulus money for the state. Florida wouldn’t be getting any money if it were up to his Republican friends in Congress.

Marilyn Wirth, Largo

The senator vs. the doctor

‘Isn’t it just theater?’: Rand Paul grills Anthony Fauci over mask wearing | March 18

I’m embarrassed that Sen. Rand Paul and I share the same profession, licensed medical doctors. Although I’m retired and he’s in the U.S. Senate, it’s somewhat disturbing to see him arguing with Dr. Anthony Fauci about COVID immunity and wearing masks. Even as an ophthalmologist, Paul fails to see the forest for the trees. When Dr. Fauci explains, that even though Paul had COVID, his antibodies might fade sooner and not be protective against the more virulent variants, Paul just decides he knows best and accuses the most respected doctor in the U.S. of “theater.”

He doesn’t wear masks, hasn’t been vaccinated, and tries to bully Dr. Fauci. Theater?

David Lubin, MD, Tampa