Florida lawmakers should stop attacking local efforts to address climate change | Letters
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Neglect of climate change portends risk to coastal states like Florida and future generations.
Neglect of climate change portends risk to coastal states like Florida and future generations.
Published Mar. 26
Updated Mar. 26

Stopping climate progress

Florida lawmakers advance bills to halt local clean energy efforts | March 9

Whether you believe in climate change or not doesn’t matter. Energy efficiency and clean energy are plain better for everyone and everything (except fossil fuel industry billionaires). I’m disturbed to see state legislators moving quickly to cut off local successes in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They’ve filed a whole slate of anti-clean energy bills. My city (St. Petersburg) and 10 other cities in Florida committed to a clean energy transition. These were hard fought victories, and I personally put a lot of time into the local campaign as a volunteer. Now Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls and Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson want to make this vital clean energy transition impossible.

It would be one thing if our state’s leadership were putting these preemptions in place while enacting strong, greenhouse gas reduction strategies statewide. But they’re not. Florida’s leaders are working hard to prevent local communities from tackling climate change, all while refusing to do it themselves. The state should be helping cities with tools and resources, not taking them away.

Speaker Sprowls and President Simpson: Stop the attack on local climate action.

Jessica Lewis, St. Petersburg

Save the postal service

Postal plan cuts hours, adds to delivery times | March 24

We all know that the U.S. Postal Service is facing financial difficulties. We all love the USPS as it brings us birthday greetings, holiday joy and the ability to keep close to family and friends. We want to do our part to keep the USPS in business and thrive. One fix: Cut out Saturday delivery. We don’t need it. If eliminated, each of us will plan for the change.

Cutting Saturday delivery will save salaries, overtime, gas, vehicle accidents, vehicle wear and tear, all while helping the environmentally by keeping most postal service vehicles off the road one day a week. Win-win.

Jan Tracy, Safety Harbor

Biden gets a pass?

Child border crossings surging, straining US facilities | March 16

Is the lack of outrage by the media about what is happening to children at the border due solely to the fact that there is now a Democrat in the White House?

John Haugen, Gulfport