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The National Anthem is performed before an Opening Day game between the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays at Tropicana Field in 2016.
The National Anthem is performed before an Opening Day game between the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays at Tropicana Field in 2016. [ Times (2016) ]
Published Mar. 27
Updated Mar. 27

Listen to the Rays

In Tropicana Field debate, St. Petersburg City Council asks: Where are the Rays? | March 26

I’m a big fan of Mayor Rick Kriseman, but he has overplayed his hand against the Rays. His dream of having those 86 acres at the Trop site to develop without the bother of a baseball stadium is getting in the way of a fair, reasonable conversation with the Rays, the City Council, and the public. A typical baseball season offers at least 81 home games producing jobs and money for everything from tickets to parking to hot dogs. Even the scary split-season plan with Montreal offers 30 or so games, plus dozens of spring training and minor league possibilities. Compare that to the investment in the Tampa Bay Bucs — 9 to 11 games a year — and the huge investment Tampa makes in supporting them.

The Rays’ proposals must be taken seriously. Dismissing the split-season plan as “silly” is the wrong way to enter a conversation with a sports organization that has proven it has the smarts, creativity, and vision to be successful under tough circumstances. The City Council has awakened to the dysfunction surrounding the current negotiations, and its members are rightfully asserting their own power — and responsibility — to represent the public’s interest. Please, Mayor Kriseman, negotiate like an openminded, trustworthy leader, before you find yourself being treated like a lame duck.

Susan Burnore, Gulfport

Plastic vs. glass

The Future Isn’t Plastic | Letters, March 25

At seven times the weight and 2.65 times the carbon footprint of plastic, glass is certainly not the future of product packaging, as stated by the letter writer. Consider the diminished quantity of food, water or any product offset by the weight of glass opposed to plastic and the additional freight required to haul it. The historical repurposing of glass containers such as milk, beer and soft drink bottles seemed like a great idea, but the problem is collecting the bottles, processing and shipping them back to production facilities. I would argue that the sensible use and collection of plastic recyclable containers is far more environmentally responsible than their glass alternatives.

Steve Hemingway, Tampa

A very low bar

Biden doubles down on his original vaccine goal | March 26

So, President Joe Biden is pounding his chest that his original goal of 100 million COVID shots has been achieved in just a little over halfway into his first 100 days in office. That goal was established on Dec. 8, about one month after the first vaccine had been approved and millions of doses had been ordered and paid for by the Trump administration. Biden’s commitment at that time and with that knowledge would be like quarterback Tom Brady guaranteeing the Bucs would win the Super Bowl when the Bucs were leading by a score of 31-9 over the Kansas City Chiefs with less than one minute remaining in the game.

Larry Hatton, Valrico