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This is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) headquarters building in Washington.
This is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) headquarters building in Washington. [ J. DAVID AKE | AP ]
Published Apr. 26

A piece of the action

The $1 trillion tax evasion opportunity | Column, April 23

Here’s a way to stop tax evasion. Hire retired IRS employees and retired CPAs to audit returns. Don’t pay them; just give them a percentage of everything they recover. It’ll be fun!

Nancy Schubart, Seminole

College for cops

Chauvin verdict is a message for all cops like me | Column, April 25

Requiring a minimum of two years of college for police recruits would quickly improve policing in two ways. First, recruits would have the daily experience of interacting with a wider diversity of people, especially given the legacy of segregated housing patterns that continue to influence which students complete which high school. Second, the increased use of computers has allowed less-qualified recruits to be hired. Decades ago, it was reported that a reason public prosecutors relied so much on plea bargaining to obtain convictions was because they could not rely on the quality of incident reports filed by the police. This suggests that under-qualified people are being hired because computers will cover over basic literacy deficiencies of officers.

William Weinstein, Orange, N.J.

Don’t play race card

For white Americans, a time to listen | Editorial, April 22

Here is my reply to those who would divide us by playing the race card and using identity politics to gain power by pitting all of us against one another. And to the woke movement that aims to destroy everything that is good about our culture, our history and our nation by shaming and bullying us, indoctrinating our children, and by threatening violence and suppressing our freedom of speech: I will not apologize for my race or my religious or political beliefs. I will not apologize for supporting the police, the military or any other first responders who put their lives on the line for us every day. I will not apologize for loving my Asian, Native American, Black American and Hispanic friends.I will not be brainwashed by the media, by either those on the left or the right of the issues we face today. I will not apologize for believing in my right to bear arms. I will not allow anyone to stereotype me and tell me whom I should vote for or believe in just because of the color of my skin or my sexual orientation, and I will not judge others because of theirs.

Charles Sitero, Ormond Beach