Florida as an ‘apocalyptic hellscape’? Here’s how to avoid it | Letters
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Florida as seen from NASA's Goodard Space Flight Center in 2010.
Florida as seen from NASA's Goodard Space Flight Center in 2010. [ NASA | NASA ]
Published May 4
Updated May 4

Plant more trees

Florida is on its way to being an ‘apocalyptic hellscape’ | Letters, May 3

We got here by cutting down forests and leveling jungles. Maybe we build desalination plants, plant trees, then pipe the water to the trees. Do this on a grand scale. The Israelis have already done this with the Negev desert. Instead we keep cutting down trees and wondering why it’s getting so hot.

Michael Monaghan, Tampa

On the flip side

DeSantis won big during Florida’s legislative session. Now what? | May 1

The Florida Republicans have once again succeeded in making it harder to vote, and harder for local governments to make their own policy by consolidating power in Tallahassee. They have also given the governor unbridled powers to make his own policy decisions and has made residents pay for things businesses should be paying for. They also passed the largest budget (by far) in our history yet neglected the average resident in favor of big business, and generally tried to micromanage everything they can. Isn’t this exactly what Republicans tell people they don’t stand for? Yet year after year it goes on — bigger government consolidated in Tallahassee.

Hopefully people will wake up and see the Republicans for what they really are and not what they say they are. Won’t it be interesting if Democrats win and actually use all of the powers that the Republicans have given themselves. Oh, the howling, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Democrats will be trashed for doing anything close to what the Republicans have been getting away with for decades. Payback is hell.

Jim Riley, Dunedin

Highlight good police

False equivalences hinder police reform | May 2

Police reform is definitely needed but is not sufficient to begin to end the current problems. There also has to be community reform and media reform. The community has to accept and assist the police force. The media is always quick to show police misuse of undue and fatal force, especially if it involves officers and suspects of different race. How about showing some of the officers that go above and beyond to help the public? There are far far more good police than the “bad apples” that get the attention.

Michael Ferrara, Largo

A double shot of Roy

Meeting childhood hero brings back days of ‘Peppermint Twist’ and Down-to-Earth day | May 2

What a great Sunday! Two columns by Roy Peter Clark. His works always makes me smile. Thank you.

Mary Talbott, Clearwater