Florida and the country ‘need people who want to work’ | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Wednesday’s letters to the editor.
A man wearing a mask while walking under a Now Hiring sign at a CVS Pharmacy.
A man wearing a mask while walking under a Now Hiring sign at a CVS Pharmacy. [ JEFF CHIU | AP ]
Published May 5

Jobs are out there

Tampa, St. Pete-Clearwater airports to hire hundreds at job fairs this week | May 3

I work am a rideshare driver, and every day I drive by many business flying signs stating “Now Hiring” and “Immediate employment.” Those that are unemployed, go out and get a job. You may think it is beneath you to work in fast food, grocery stores or drug stores, but at least it would be a steady paycheck, and you won’t have to suck off the government anymore. Thanks to Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida House for not increasing the weekly unemployment benefits by $100 because that would only enable people to not want to work and put in a day’s work to earn their money.

Fast food stores are screaming for applicants. We need people who want to work and earn an honest day’s wage to get this country started again.

Nancy Salisbury, Largo

Flip flopping on control

DeSantis signs bill banning vaccine ‘passports,’ suspends local pandemic restrictions | May 3

When people wanted to close Florida in 2020 because of the pandemic, Gov. Ron DeSantis (correctly in my opinion) refused. His reason was that COVID-19 affected each county and city differently and that local leaders were in a better position to determine what was the best course of action for their communities. On Monday, the governor changed course, taking control away from local leaders and vesting himself as the sole decider on what is best for each community. Why?

Antonio J Ramos, Lutz

COVID comes at a cost

About 800,000 Florida seniors still aren’t vaccinated | May 1

For the folks who don’t want to get a vaccine because they’re “pretty sure they’d survive” here’s a thought: If you survive having COVID, can you survive missing weeks of work? Can you afford to pay for the medical care to help you to survive? In between living and dying there’s room for a lot of unpaid bills. Can you afford to not get vaccinated?

Tracy Fugleberg, Tampa

Don’t close your mind

There are times these days when you simply must close your mind | Column, May 2

I believe Leonard Pitts has today confessed to being part of the problem.

John Rowe, Tampa

Electric vehicles coming

As road maintenance needs soar, Pinellas considers raising gas tax | May 1

I understand why Pinellas County wants to increase the tax on gasoline. But in the next 10 years, predictions are that many of us will be driving electric powered vehicles. Then what?

PJ Jaccoi, Sun City Center