COVID crisis caused prices to rise? That shouldn’t surprise anyone | Letters
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A workman arranges a beam on a frame at a new housing site in Madison County, Miss., in March.
A workman arranges a beam on a frame at a new housing site in Madison County, Miss., in March. [ ROGELIO V. SOLIS | AP ]
Published May 14

The economy is fine

Sticker shock. Rising commodity prices | May 13

It should not surprise anyone that the COVID-19 pandemic created supply-chain and labor issues, and those issues would ultimately drive up the cost of doing business. Short-term inflation is a given. The cold snap in Texas and last week’s cyber-attack on our fuel supply only intensified demand-driven cost increases for us in the Tampa Bay region. On the up-side, the two, recent federal stimulus packages infused huge amounts of extra cash throughout the economy. That extra money will greatly aid in offsetting this Covid-19 induced inflation. Put simply, shortages caused costs to increase, but because there is a lot more money already in the system, those cost increases will not cripple the rebound, and prices will stabilize once the economy settles into a post-pandemic normal. We just have to ride it out.

Brian Walkowiak, St. Petersburg

The dog ate my homework?

The Russians hacked my laptop | Cartoon, May 12

Jeff Danziger gets an A-plus for his clever cartoon. If ever there was a compelling excuse for not doing homework, “The Russians hacked my laptop” will fit the script, at least until something better comes along. As they say, any port in the storm. And perhaps we can sign it, “From Russia with love.”

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

McCarthy’s hypocrisy on display

House GOP ousts Trump critic Liz Cheney from top post | May 12

U.S. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy said “I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election.” Really? Hasn’t he heard of the most recent former president? Hasn’t he been to Mar-a-Lago to meet with the former president to strategize about how to spin the lies further? Does he really think the citizens are too ignorant to see the hypocrisy?

Terry Arnold, St. Petersburg

Fun with words

How I wound up with a wound from heteronyms | Column, May 13

Kudos to columnist John Ficarra for his cleverly worded and informative explanation of heteronyms, and for his ability to commune with fellow members of his university commune even though his teacher, by choosing to tear into him, brought a tear to his eye.

Colleen Paglen, Treasure Island