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This 2016 photo was taken after three teens stole a Toyota Camry from a driver who was grabbing coffee at 7 a.m. and crashed it into a parked car about a block away.
This 2016 photo was taken after three teens stole a Toyota Camry from a driver who was grabbing coffee at 7 a.m. and crashed it into a parked car about a block away. [ St. Petersburg Police Department ]
Published May 20

Premiums won’t drop

Florida drivers will see lower insurance rates under my bill | Column, May 19

State Sen. Darryl Rouson is in denial if he thinks that the auto industry is going to lower rates because of the bill he sponsored, SB 54, which eliminated PIP (personal injury protection) and requires responsibility-based injury coverage instead. He is assuming that the insurance industry is going to do the right thing and lower rates. His thinking is along the same lines as giving the tax breaks to the rich so they will invest more — you know, trickle-down economics. It has never worked but only made the rich richer.

Lawrence Browett, Largo

UFOs not a priority

Marco Rubio wants you to know what the military knows about UFOs | May 19

Reading that Sen. Marco Rubio wants the public to know what data the government has on UFOs, my first thought was that we are naive to believe this planet is the only one in the massive universe containing life. As I continued to read this article, I learned that the funding for this report came from the $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief and government funding law signed by the former president in December 2020. Why? The two are opposing subjects. Coronavirus relief offers help to Americans who are struggling with this pandemic that was allowed to run rampart through the United States. That funding has nothing to do with the research of UFOs, which have been seen in the skies above the planet for decades. This is what the Republican senator from Florida — who is running for reelection — is concerned about? The threat to the planet was and is a fast-spreading virus with millions infected and hundreds of thousands Americans dead. Where are his priorities?

Carol Hess, Hudson

The wages of dining out

Dining Out: Few willing to serve | May 16

The next time you hear someone complain that restaurant workers don’t want to work because they get paid more from $300 in federal aid and the measly Florida unemployment, retort with this quick quote: ”The restaurant industry doesn’t have a worker shortage. It has a wage shortage.”

Marie Cunha, Hudson

Why should we pay?

Duke files for storm costs | May 18

Duke Energy plans to ask the Florida Public Service Commission to allow it to charge ratepayers for the utility’s hurricane costs. The commission is often favorable in the approaches of those it regulates, and the regulated spend impressive sums lobbying to gain favorable treatment. However, it occurs to me that homeowners must buy home insurance and possible federal flood insurance to protect themselves from hurricane damage, a well-known risk in Florida. Duke knows about this danger as well as any homeowner, so why aren’t its expenses just factored in as a reasonable and ordinary cost of doing business?

James Gillespie, St. Petersburg