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Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Joe Biden meet for talks at the Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 16, 2021.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Joe Biden meet for talks at the Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 16, 2021. [ MIKHAIL METZEL | TASS via ZUMA Press ]
Published Jun. 19

Wish your father the best

Father’s Day, 2021

Some have had a difficult time meeting the responsibilities of being a father. And frankly many of us have just not done a very good job of that at all. I do believe that most fathers love their children dearly, and that they carry memories with them such as the last time their children jumped into their arms with hugs and kisses saying, “Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home,” or the looks on their children’s faces on Christmas morning, or the love in their sleepy eyes as you read them a story, sang them a song, or said a prayer with them at bedtime. And these memories will endure to the end, and if there is a realm beyond this one, then for eternity. We see things much differently when we get older than when we are young or in the middle of our years. But no matter what your circumstances are or what your family history is, I believe that it is important to wish your father the best on his special day, if not only for the reason that it will make you a better person for having done so. I sure do wish that I could.

Charles Sitero, Ormond Beach

Cornering the market

Governor’s posturing hurts local cruise industry | Editorial, June 16

This editorial asks, “Aren’t Republicans about letting the market decide?” Answer: They are, but only if the market decides in accordance with Republican wishes. Actually, the Republicans have cornered a market, the one for hypocrisy.

Charles Lehnert, Sun City Center

Dismay won’t do

Biden wiped the smirk off Putin’s face | Column, June 18

So President Joe Biden talked with Russia’s Vladimir Putin about the cyberattacks on American companies by “non-state” Russian organizations. It seems to me that Biden should have said that we view these attacks to be actions committed with the permission, and even encouragement of the Russian state, and as such, will in the future, be considered as actions by the Russian state, and that our response will therefore be action against the Russian state — not verbal expressions of dismay or the paying of ransoms.

Paul Boudreaux, St. Petersburg

Two choices

Tide turning on charters | June 17

A tip of the hat to the Hillsborough School Board for protecting the public school system. Growing up, my parents had two choices for the education of their four kids: (1) Go to public schools or (2) pay for private schooling. My kids are all grown but I have a problem with my tax dollars going to charter schools. Using tax dollars to fund charter schools dilutes traditional public education. Enough of the whining about choice. You have the same two choices my parents did. Put your money where your mouth is, not my tax dollars.

Terrence Callahan, Crystal Beach

Do something for today

Congress votes to celebrate Juneteenth | June 17

Here’s an idea for our legislators. Instead of making Juneteenth a holiday, do something helpful. Let’s start by opposing legislation which makes it more difficult for people of color to vote.

Tracy Fugleberg, Tampa