Why take ‘lazy swipes’ at Gov. DeSantis? | Letters
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Gov. Ron DeSantis pictured last year.
Gov. Ron DeSantis pictured last year.
Published Jun. 25

Unneeded ‘lazy swipes’

Ron DeSantis is out-Trumping Trump and Has democracy struck an iceberg? | June 24

The editorial and a nearby essay by columnist Leonard Pitts are unworthy lazy swipes. The governor has his pluses and minuses and emphasizing the latter is the newspaper’s prerogative. But the editorial presumes that it sees the horns of the devil budding on the head of Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Mr. Pitts asks us to believe that an uncivil individual gesture is representative of an entire class of devil worshippers.

The guilt by association contrivance is transparent — if you resemble the extremely unpopular former president or if you share any of his views or behaviors, however tangentially or superficially, you deserve to be sent down to political hell as he was. Surely, there are nobler and more persuasive ways to substantiate disapproval of political opponents.

Pat Byrne, Largo

Dooming Florida’s students

State university faculty, students to be surveyed on beliefs | June 23

The article about campus ideology contained a prime example of hypocrisy in back-to-back sentences:

“I think that having intellectual diversity is something that is very, very important,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said.

“DeSantis’ push to promote ‘intellectual diversity’ and competing ideas on college campuses comes two weeks after he championed a ban on specific lessons and discussions in K-12 public schools related to racism’s reach in American society.”

Why does our Ivy League-educated governor want to doom Florida students to mediocre educations?

Elizabeth Corwin, Tampa

Throw the lifeline

Has democracy struck an iceberg? | June 24

Leonard Pitts is correct, the Democrats need to step up and realize the Great Experiment is sinking and only they can save it.

Brian Valsavage, St. Petersburg

Selling more guns

Biden targets law-breaking gun dealers in anti-crime plan | June 24

President Joe Biden spoke about gun control this week assuring millions of more guns will be sold over the next few months. The gun dealers of America thank the president for helping them recover from the pandemic and have record sales year.

John Spengler, Spring Hill