I was a Pinellas County restaurant server. Here’s why I’m not going back to that job | Letters
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Some restaurants have found it hard to lure back servers and other workers as the COVID crisis subsides.
Some restaurants have found it hard to lure back servers and other workers as the COVID crisis subsides. [ FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP | AFP ]
Published Jul. 2

Fed up with abuse

Lots of jobs, few hires: Labor shortage puts Tampa Bay restaurants in a pinch | May 13

We restaurant workers are not going back en masse after the lockdown because we’re tired of the abuse. It’s strange that it took an epidemic to open everyone’s eyes but, apparently, that is what it took. Forty-four years in the restaurant business for me in five states. I’ve had some bad bosses along the way, but it’s the norm here in Pinellas County. We’ve been forced to suffer verbal and sexual abuse. We’re lied to over and over again. We have to work in restaurants with no working stove hoods, air conditioning or running water. I personally have called the health department.

I planned to retire in the restaurant business. I loved it. But after too many years giving it 150 percent in Pinellas County, I got a breather. I got a wake-up call. Nobody gets to treat me like that anymore. I refuse to allow it. So to the guests, let me say this: You’re going to have to be patient. So many of us are not coming back. We simply cannot take it anymore.

Catherine Barker, Largo

History is complicated

Optimist Ken Burns is worried about America | June 24

I’m thinking about printing out this article and carrying it around. That way I can bring it out whenever the subject of whether all parts of American history — that which we can be proud of as well as the parts we should be ashamed of — should be part of public school curriculum. Well said!

Laura Osegovic, Wesley Chapel

The ‘orthodoxy’ of democracy

State university faculty, students to be surveyed on beliefs | June 22

Should our college students be indoctrinated with any viewpoint? Absolutely! They need indoctrination in openness, free speech, the questioning of authority, and the value of scholarship and democracy. The “orthodoxy” of democracy should be instilled in our students at all ages. The idea that there exists in our universities a plurality of orthodoxies is ridiculous. “Orthodox” by definition is a singular system. It is a generally accepted belief or practice. A vague concern about a plurality of “orthodoxies” being supported in universities is simply nonsense. Unless, of course, “orthodoxies” are considered to be points of view. In which case teaching a plurality of them would be ostensibly desirable. Words matter.

Bruce LeBaron, St. Petersburg