Thank the city workers who are cleaning up the Tampa Bay fish kill | Letters
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St. Petersburg city employees clean up a fish kill from Red Tide along St. Petersburg's Bay Vista Park last week.
St. Petersburg city employees clean up a fish kill from Red Tide along St. Petersburg's Bay Vista Park last week. [ ARIELLE BADER | Times ]
Published Jul. 14

Thanks, city workers!

In St. Petersburg, climate change smells like rotting fish | Editorial, July 13

Our city workers have been working so hard to clear the waters of the Red Tide kill. They have been near my home on multiple occasions in the last few days attempting to make our living conditions better, while surely being compromised themselves. Please thank them; this is a terrible job. What they are doing is a daunting task for the good of everyone in our fair city — everyone who enjoys a stroll along the water, dinner at the St. Pete Pier or some time with your kids at the playground or beach. We appreciate you and everything you are doing to deal with this terrible situation. We should have a boat parade for you!

Catherine Nelke, St. Petersburg

Champa Bay sets sail

Boat parade: How the Lightning and fans celebrated in downtown Tampa | July 12

So someone said on Twitter we are not a passionate fan base because “our streets were empty after we won the (Stanley) Cup.” Yeah, we had no broken traffic signs, overturned vehicles or trash cans on fire. But you know what? We’ve never seen anyone else have a boat parade to celebrate a championship!

Charles Smith, St. Petersburg

Mass transit works

Celebrating like old times | July 5

While watching the festivities of July 4th on TV across our great nation, I saw a shot of Boston with a light rail train streaming across the screen, brightly lit and moving at a quick pace with fireworks bursting overhead. It could be moving people to or from the celebration area. It could be carrying workers in to the city for the night shift and others home for the night. Funny, the powers that be don’t believe such a system of mass transit will work in the Tampa Bay area. Instead they pour our tax money in the form of concrete and asphalt for wider roads that just become more congested as soon as the yellow stripes are dry. Yet somehow in cities comparable in size to ours, light rail works. If you build it, they will ride.

Jerry Wheat, Largo

Yes, we are cultural warriors

The culture war is a leftist offensive | Column, July 12

Columnist Peggy Noonan is absolutely right. The cultural wars are a leftist offensive. This goes all the way back probably to the Magna Carta or perhaps (if you believe) Jesus. The forces of conservatism fought against Christ, they sided with the British in our revolution, they fought against civil rights for women and non-whites. They fought against and still fight against seeing anyone other than heterosexual people as full citizens. So yes, for centuries we leftists have been starting culture wars to increase human rights, dignity and democracy and for centuries conservatives have fought them every step of the way.

Christopher Radulich, Apollo Beach