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Published Jul. 15

Put a price on carbon

In St. Petersburg, climate change smells like rotting fish | Editorial, July 13

What are we waiting for? There is pending legislation in Congress that would stop climate change and impede Red Tide blooms. It is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Seventy-seven House members support it. Congress should make it law. It would price carbon and return net proceeds to all citizens with a monthly “cashback.” The “cashback” for most of us would exceed the increases in our energy costs during the transition to clean energy. Climate change deniers may doubt that global warming is caused by burning petroleum fuels. But while we wait for the incontrovertible proof, we can enjoy the benefits of better health, reduced air pollution, much lower noise levels, and fewer Red Tide blooms. That is because clean energy not only stops global warming, but also makes our daily lives more pleasant.

Bill Marshall, St. Petersburg

Choices have consequences

Immunity falls short | July 11

I am a scientist and a cancer researcher. As such, I am convinced that the vaccines against the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus are quite safe and highly effective in preventing COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths. I also acknowledge that there are a significant number of people in Florida who are hesitant to get vaccines, even if they were made widely available. I support them in this decision as it is their right to make personal choices, even though this results in an increase in Florida’s infection and hospitalization rates. However, choices have consequences. I strongly object that I am stuck paying the hospital bills for them and the others whom they infect. I am paying through increased taxes, increased insurance premiums, or reduced services elsewhere. I am also paying because other medical care is put on hold while hospitals are committed to caring for those who chose to not get vaccinated. Choices have consequences.

Robert Gillies, Tampa

Can’t have nice things

Stanley Cup damaged during Lightning championship celebration | July 13

It is sad to see the badly dented historic Stanley Cup. One would have hoped the Lightning players could have shown it a little more respect. I suspect the Habs would have if the trophy had gone to Montreal. Maybe it’s a Tampa Bay thing after seeing Bucs’ quarterback Tom Brady throw around the Super Bowl trophy. In future, championship Tampa Bay teams should only be given rubber facsimile trophies.

Randy Casier, London, Ontario