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St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman speaks at a press conference on Red Tide at Crisp Park on Wednesday.
St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman speaks at a press conference on Red Tide at Crisp Park on Wednesday. [ ARIELLE BADER | Times ]
Published Jul. 16

A little help

Red Tide swells, politicians bicker | July 15

I live more than 500 feet from Tampa Bay in south Pinellas County, and I can still catch the scent of rotting fish from my home. Three times in the last week, I have almost vomited from the effects of fish kills and Red Tide. Little did I know something else would make me even sicker, this passage in the Tampa Bay Times on Thursday: ”Mayor Kriseman is either unaware of what is actually going on in his own backyard or is deliberately lying and using Red Tide as an attempt to score cheap political points,” read a statement from governor’s spokesman Jared Williams. Why wouldn’t you just say, “We can help”?

Dan Epps, St. Petersburg

Get vaccinated

Choices have consequences | Letter, July 15

As a health care provider in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, I am often surprised at the reaction of non-vaccinated persons when I tell them they have COVID. They are often anxious and scared. I am empathic with their concerns as they feel quite ill, often have fever and now have to quarantine and miss work. They worry about the people they may have exposed who may be elderly or health impaired. But they agreed to the risk when they choose not to get vaccinated, so why be upset now? Yes, you can get COVID even if vaccinated, but the reality is, those aren’t the ill individuals we are seeing. People who test positive who’ve had the vaccine are generally much less ill and recover very quickly. Remember, we don’t get vaccinated just to protect ourselves. We get it to protect the more vulnerable in our communities. Get vaccinated, please.

Anne Conklin, Bradenton

American values

New civics curriculum approved | July 15

Surprise! Florida educators are not agreeing on whether or not the new Florida civics reflect American values. President Joe Biden defines American values as: “inclusivity, tolerance, diversity, respect for the rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of the press.” I’m pretty sure that Gov. Ron DeSantis would disagree with Biden’s on almost every issue except for respect for the rule of law — and our governor is in a position to rewrite the rules of law, so that hardly counts. Who decides what an American value is? Maybe our society is in such turmoil just now because for the first time in our history, new sets of voices are demanding to be part of defining what America is. Not was. Is.

Travis Sherman, St. Petersburg