I paid for my Social Security | Letters
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Workers and employers pay into Social Security.
Workers and employers pay into Social Security.
Published Jul. 21

They aren’t entitlements

Call it what you will: Social Security and ‘socialism’ | July 17

The letter writer associates Social Security and Medicare with socialist programs. I am tired of hearing this. I have paid in to both Social Security and Medicare for 40-plus years. I would have gladly taken that money and invested it and not taken a nickel from the government. Stop calling them entitlements.

Thomas Cummings, Clearwater Beach

Deal in facts

War on democracy claims ludicrous | Column, July 16

Finding a Jonah Goldberg column in the Tampa Bay Times is as horrifying as finding Fox News coming on all by itself on the living room TV. I read his latest column carefully and sure enough, I found all the typical earmarks of Fox News misinformation. Vice President Kamala Harris says that demanding ID on mail-in voting is unfair for people with no access to voting machines. “Every cell phone has a camera,” he replies. My cell phone does indeed have a camera function, but that camera doesn’t generate a paper copy. This kind of ridicule/obfuscation should not be published. Find a columnist who deals in facts. Not Goldberg.

Travis Sherman, St. Petersburg

Body control

Florida leads nation in coronavirus infections in 2020-like surge | July 17

Am I the only one who is confused? Governors and legislators pass laws against women determining what they can do with their own bodies when it comes to childbearing. But they also say they do not want to mandate everyone to be vaccinated to save their own lives and those of people they meet.

Tony Leisner, Tarpon Springs

Not fully formed

DeSantis fires up youthful gathering | July 19

Neuropsychologists say our brains aren’t completely mature until one’s early- to mid-20s. This implies a deficit of reasoning into one’s late teens, at least. I don’t say 19-year-olds’ opinions have no merit. I had two more mature than most at that age, but not as mature as some. They were smart, loving, inquisitive, open-minded, empathetic and compassionate, but when they opined to me about truth and justice at 19, I reminded them that only three years before, they couldn’t find the end of our street without directions. So when I read of a 19-year-old pontificating that she is driven to the Trump cult because she “didn’t agree with what the left is doing to our country,” the alarms went off. Her “political education” between ages 15 thru 18 brought her to this? A mind made up and certain at 19? This is cultism, not thought.

Steve Douglas, St. Petersburg