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Vials of COVID-19 vaccine.
Vials of COVID-19 vaccine.
Published Jul. 25

The right thing to do

Florida’s COVID numbers are headed the wrong way | Editorial, July 20

Don’t want to lock down or be forced to wear a mask again? It’s simple. Get vaccinated, you your family and friends. The coronavirus has moved on from the elderly to the younger, thereby threatening again the more vulnerable elderly as well as the broader public. The rapid rise in cases involve younger unvaccinated people. Also research is showing that those who have COVID have a declining immunity.

Less severe? Tell that to the younger people who have gotten it. They are sick with fevers, headaches, breathing problems, pneumonia. Some aren’t able to get rid of it. Some are in my family, so it’s first hand. My son, a pediatric ICU doctor, tells me he has a 17-year-old, healthy, unvaccinated patient on maximum oxygen who doesn’t have the strength to use the toilet. An unvaccinated nurse in his unit died of COVID.

Unvaccinated people are a threat to vaccinated people because nothing is 100% protective, and anyone who is immune compromised remains at risk. The fewer places the virus has to land, the fewer cases. This isn’t about forcing anyone to do anything. I classify as a conservative, and I don’t like government’s heavy hand. But, this isn’t about government. This is about you. This is your opportunity. And, it’s free. f you don’t like government intruding, make a personal responsible response to a clear threat to the community, which includes you and your family and friends.

Bill Northrop, Seminole

Put pandemic behind us

Florida’s COVID numbers are headed the wrong way | Editorial, July 20

Big Pharma and government collaborated to create and distribute an effective and free COVID-19 vaccine. Yet only 54% of eligible Floridians are fully vaccinated. While getting vaccinated is a personal matter, those who are vaccinated did so to protect themselves, loved ones, their community and the country. They overcame “the issues” and did what was right to help end the pandemic. Our hospitals are currently seeing a spike in COVID-19 occupancy rates almost totally from the unvaccinated. Now Florida accounts for nominally 20% of all new infections nationwide. It is time for the governor and the state leadership to step up and lead. It is also time for people wavering on the edge to get the information needed to make an informed decision. Accountability matters and choices do have consequences. The longer the pandemic continues the greater the risk to all, even the vaccinated. We need to put the pandemic behind us. We need our population vaccinated.

Karl Olander, Indian Shores

Responsible gun owners

A responsibility of gun ownership | Editorial, July 20

Thank you, Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board, for reminding us of the responsibility that comes with the right to own a gun. Every right comes with responsibilities, and too often, we forget about the importance of responsible gun ownership in the contentious arguments over the 2nd Amendment. Guns are dangerous, and it must be recognized that every time a gun is fired and a bullet is discharged, there is a chance that someone could get maimed or killed. The primary responsibility of the gun owner is always to make sure the discharge is controlled and not likely to injure an innocent party. A close corollary to this is the responsibility to keep firearms safe and securely stored, away from inquisitive children and to protect them from being stolen and sold on the street.

Jon Crawfurd, Gulfport

Love her columns

Stephanie Hayes’ columns

The columns by Stephanie Hayes are a wonderful addition to the Tampa Bay Times. When so much of the news today is depressing, it is a welcome change to read her lighthearted columns and add a smile to the day. Well done!

Robert Hogue, Apollo Beach