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Here, graduating seniors at Rutgers University celebrate its 250th anniversary commencement ceremony in 2016.
Here, graduating seniors at Rutgers University celebrate its 250th anniversary commencement ceremony in 2016.
Published Jul. 29

Marketing yourself

Why do so many employers require a college degree? | Column, July 25

This column raises a valid point when it comes to would-be employers’ job requirements. Unfortunately, the author takes a much too simplistic approach. Having now taught in colleges in both Massachusetts and Florida for nearly 20 years and having worked as a public relations professional for another 30 years, I have experienced the challenges of securing a promotion myself and, as a department manager, of filling an open staff position for which a college degree was required. The value of the college degree lies in the quality of the education process that supports it. Students gain a deeper understanding of a particular area of study — public relations, for example — when the courses are taught by someone who has “been there, done that” rather than by someone who can only quote from the textbook. Yes, one can “learn on the job,” and I am a prime example of this. But I have been able, both as a professional and now, as a professor, to demonstrate my hands-on knowledge and abilities. Employers should keep an open mind when considering candidates for a position. But the job applicant has the responsibility of clearly describing in his or her application relevant knowledge and demonstrable ability to learn and excel in the position.

Kirk Hazlett, Riverview

Catch tax cheats

Senator: Bipartisan infrastructure bill loses IRS provision | July 18

Does the Senate’s refusal to increase funding to the IRS — with the aim of increasing enforcement of existing law — say something other than that senators against it are just fine with the current level of tax cheating?

Chuck Siegfried, Lutz

It’s my call

Vaccine efforts sagging | July 24

Regarding either the COVID-19 vaccine or the wearing of masks, I have only one thing to say: my body, my choice.

Peter Wohlfelder, St. Petersburg

No jab, no pigskin

Vaccine efforts sagging | July 24

I think I have the answer. The South seems to be the hotspot in relation to COVID-19 spikes. How about no SEC college football in your state until 75% are vaccinated? I bet that solves the problem quickly!

Bob Orf, Tampa