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A classroom with socially distanced desks is shown at Hollywood Park Elementary on Oct. 6, 2020.
A classroom with socially distanced desks is shown at Hollywood Park Elementary on Oct. 6, 2020. [ SUSAN STOCKER / SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL | South Florida Sun Sentinel ]
Published Sep. 5

What about the teachers?

Quit acting like children | Letter, Sept. 1

Teachers are in one of the most vulnerable professions for COVID exposure. We are working in overcrowded classrooms and, in each class, barely 10% wear masks and of those that do, most wear them incorrectly. There is no social distancing possible. With the number of emails from parents and number of students out on quarantine due to exposure or confirmed positive cases, I think it is safe to say we are exposed daily. Why does nobody appear concerned about an aging teacher population and our rights? We are working in already difficult conditions.

Many teachers are fully vaccinated, but we know that this does not protect against infection or sickness in many cases. I wonder how many people who object to masks would volunteer to work in school this year? I know that if I had another option, I would not. I am likely to get COVID; I feel it’s more a matter of when than whether. How is it right that we public servants are not protected at work?

Marsibil Mogensen, Trinity

Turn out the lights

Try that in China | Letter, Sept. 1

When the last person who truly loves this country leaves this United States that I no longer know or understand, please make sure you turn out the lights so the entire world knows that we have failed in our “great experiment.“ Many of us put in valiant efforts to keep this experiment going, but too many others have decided that not all people deserve the rights and freedoms granted to us in our Constitution. For those of you who stay behind, you deserve whatever it is that you have wrought.

Cathi Greene, Dunedin

Airborne self-defense

Flight attendants learn to fight back | Sept. 1

While it is always nice to be able to defend ourselves in a difficult situation, it is just plain sad that flight attendants need self-defense training, in order to defend themselves against unruly passengers. But unfortunately, that is what they are currently up against in today’s tumultuous world. And of course, since COVID-19 and mask mandates, incidents of disorderly conduct on airplanes have increased. Let us hope that those passengers who have caused disturbances are on “no-fly” lists and will never be able to fly on any airline again.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater