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Construction for expansion of Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Sunday, Aug. 22, 2021.
Construction for expansion of Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Sunday, Aug. 22, 2021.
Published Sep. 6

A way to earn $33 an hour

U.S. hiring slows to just 235,000 jobs after 2 strong months | Sept. 3

As we bid summer farewell, Associated Builders and Contractors honors our workforce and the industry that provides 7.4 million Americans with long-term, well-paying careers this Labor Day. These workers are in high demand and essential to our nation’s prosperity. ABC estimates the construction industry needs to hire a staggering 430,000 workers this year alone. Construction offers endless opportunities for talent to enter the industry from multiple pathways and achieve career dreams that are only limited by their own potential. With competitive salaries, even entry-level construction occupation wages are at or above $15 per hour, with average hourly earnings at nearly $33 per hour and experienced construction professionals earning more than $85,000 per year. Not only are the skill sets essential and pay competitive, but contractors also invest in their people, with earn-while-you-learn educational models providing immediate access to wages plus essential industry upskilling. There has never been a better time to learn a skill and join the construction industry.

Steve Cona III, Tampa

The writer is president & CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors Florida Gulf Coast Chapter.

Elect moderates

Let’s ID the problem | Letter, Sept. 3

We are at a dangerous crossroads politically in Florida. Given the situation in Tallahassee, it is critical that moderate voters seek out and support candidates for public office who have demonstrated a commitment to finding common ground and achieving consensus on the issues that affect us all. Extremism, be it from the left or the right, does not support democracy.

Our state government has effectively usurped the authority of locally elected government entities and private businesses by using strong-arm tactics to impose the radical policies espoused by its vocal political base. This is mob rule, not democracy. Right now, local governments are crippled by the state. It is imperative that we find and support candidates for state and local offices who are open-minded, can listen to all sides of an issue and work toward finding solutions everyone can live with. Our democracy depends on it.

Cindy Maxwell, Clearwater

Let businesses choose

State: Require a shot? Pay up | Sept. 2

So is the old “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy also now an illegal infringement of personal freedom? Do business owners no longer have any personal freedom? Is this a policy most voters support? Hard to believe.

Joseph Zamrin, Tampa

A matter of degrees

State: Require a shot? Pay up | Sept. 2

Our governor has made unwise decisions regarding masks in schools, use of ivermectin, businesses requiring proof of vaccinations, etc., regardless of advice from medical experts and the CDC. Where did Dr. (er, Gov.) Ron DeSantis receive his medical degree again?

Marilyn Warner, Clearwater