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Texas Gov Greg Abbott speaks before signing Senate Bill 1, also known as the election integrity bill, into law in Tyler, Texas, Tuesday.
Texas Gov Greg Abbott speaks before signing Senate Bill 1, also known as the election integrity bill, into law in Tyler, Texas, Tuesday. [ LM OTERO | AP ]
Published Sep. 10
Updated Sep. 10

Good for Gov. Abbott

Texas governor signs new GOP voting restrictions into law | Sept. 8

The article states that the recently-approved Texas voting law adds more voting restrictions which are especially affecting minority voters’ ability to vote. The legislation no longer permits 24-hour polling sites and drive-thru voting. The legislation also guarantees that the poll watchers will have unimpeded access to the voting areas and penalizes anyone who attempts to restrict their access.

How does this legislation impact anyone’s ability to vote? The polls are open several weeks before election day for early voting, thereby negating the need for 24-hour voting or drive-through voting. This allows all voters more than ample time to submit their ballot.

Whether you believe there was widespread election fraud or not, there are many Americans who believe there is ample opportunity to commit voter fraud and it is imperative that our election laws be shored up so voters can be confident that our voting system is secure and we can trust the president was actually elected by the majority of Americans. Kudos to Gov. Greg Abbott for passing excellent legislation, and I hope more states will follow his lead.

Barbara Walker, Clearwater

Protect the young

Florida universities shy from stronger COVID rules. They won’t say why | Sept. 7

Thousands of Floridians witnessed a thrilling football game between Florida State University and Notre Dame that ended in overtime. What millions of TV viewers saw was a stadium with 68,000 people dominated by closely packed clusters of screaming students, most of whom were unmasked. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be challenged to design a better super spreader event than what we witnessed over the four hours the contest lasted. Sadly, with the delta variant spreading rapidly through our state it is the young who are being disproportionately afflicted and hospitalized. Where pray tell is the leadership whose responsibility lies in protecting our university and college students?

To my dismay I read that not one of our 10 university presidents had the moral fortitude to stand up to the illogical and dangerous rules being handed down from above. Do they really care so much about their jobs that they are unwilling to protect the lives of our university students and staff? It is time for the university leadership in Florida to stand up to the dangerous dictates from Tallahassee and fill the leadership void that has led to Florida having more deaths per 100,000 residents since the start of the pandemic than 17 of the most advanced countries in the world.

Peter Betzer, St. Petersburg

A crime fighting miracle

Governor says he’ll “eliminate all rapists” | Sept. 9

In Texas, we see again the ugly reality that GOP leaders can utter any wild, deranged lie to their voters, and those voters will say, “Yeah! That! That’s right!” Asked why Texas’s loony new abortion vigilantes law has no exception for pregnancies from rape and incest, Gov. Gregg Abbott replied that his state was not going to work “tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas.” Snap of the fingers and no more rapes — just like that.

No surprise that a state that doesn’t even process rape kits, or is wildly behind in doing so, thinks that’s an acceptable answer. We’ll declare there’s no more rape, and — boom! — there’ll be no more rape. And Texas GOP voters believe it! Father rapists, brother rapists, cousin rapists, husband rapists, boyfriend rapists, neighbor rapists, teacher rapists, preacher rapists — y’know, the ones who never get reported because of their immediate, persistent menace to the victims — all gone. Just like that. A Texas GOP miracle!

Steve Douglas, St. Petersburg