Why so many editorial cartoons ‘pandering to loony nut job Trump lovers’? | Letters
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editorial cartoon from times wires
editorial cartoon from times wires [ LISA BENSON | Lisa Benson -- Washington Post Writers Group ]
Published Sep. 13, 2021

Pandering much?

Times editorial cartoons | Sept. 9

I’m sick and tired of seeing absolutely unfair and disrespectful political cartoons in the Times. These unfair right-wing cartoons, pandering to the loony nut job Trump lovers, are not expressions of political positions. They’re unfair hatchet jobs. President Biden inherited the most damaged America anybody alive has ever seen. His handling of the pandemic couldn’t have been any better. There are vaccines available to stop the spread of the worst pandemic in 100 years and just about half the people in this country refuse to take them for political and ideological reasons. These people are the problem in this country. Appealing to them with these cartoons contributes to the problem. Fair political discourse is good. These cartoons are not fair political discourse.

Jeff Cutting, Brandon

editorial cartoon from times wires
editorial cartoon from times wires [ Michael Ramirez -- ]

Boozy flights

Flight attendants learn to fight back | Letters, Sept. 9

Regarding the letter writer who suggested no alcohol should be served in airports or on planes: If I can’t have a shot of courage before boarding my plane, I’m driving.

Alan Aipel, St. Petersburg

Needed self-reflection

DeSantis lawyers try to dismiss federal school mask case; ruling to come soon | Sept. 9

Gov. Ron DeSantis was wondering why wearing a mask became so political. I guess he has to look in a mirror and realize that he and other politicians of his ilk were pretending to be scientists.

James Dina, Dunedin

The things politicos say

Governor says he’ll “eliminate all rapists” | Sept. 9

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he will eliminate all rapists from the streets to save women from having to have abortions? You mean to tell me he has had the means to do this and hadn’t done it already?

Tamara Taylor, New Port Richey