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The Internal Revenue Service  building in Washington.
The Internal Revenue Service building in Washington. [ SUSAN WALSH | AP ]
Published Sep. 17

Don’t tax corporations

Why does a firefighter pay more federal taxes than entire corporations? | Letters, Sept. 16

The letter writer’s question makes a predictable argument from someone who doesn’t pay attention. They tell you the rich don’t pay their fair share, getting all the little guys fired up. To this I say there should be no income tax anywhere, but definitely not for corporations. It’s useless (because corporations pass the cost to the people voting for tax increases) and it’s immoral to tax productivity of companies that keep people away from government wet nursing. Also, it’s always a ruse. Corporations fund politicians no matter what. They’ll take the public insults from those whom they fund in exchange for the income statements. You’re wasting your time. Start criticizing your fellow citizens whose pocketbook demands are swamping this country with insurmountable debt dollar devaluation.

Jason Barrera, Oldsmar

What would kids say?

Florida adds 100,012 coronavirus cases, 2,443 deaths in past week | Sept. 11

I wonder what children who have lost a parent to COVID after refusing the vaccine would say. Perhaps an interview with some of these children (possibly teens) would be warranted in national or local news. In my personal view, it is the ultimate selfish act. A parent who refuses to mask or get vaccinated is not only putting their child at risk of illness or death, but also of losing a parent. I wonder, when these children become adults, if they will live with anger and resentment knowing that a parent chose to risk dying and leaving them without a father or mother because of refusal to get a simple shot in the arm.

Miriam Innocenti, Apollo Beach

Cash is (not) king

Tropicana Field to become cashless at start of 2019 season | Jan. 25, 2019

Conversation with the Tampa Bay Rays organization:

Us: Our family and out-of-town friends would like to attend several Rays games before the season ends. We would prefer to pay cash for parking, tickets, concessions and purchases from the gift shops.

Rays answer: Sorry, we only accept credit cars or gift cards for purchases. Cash for purchases is not accepted.

Us: Goodbye.

If United States legal currency is not acceptable to the Tampa Bay Rays, then why should we sully the team with our cash money?

Gary West, St. Petersburg