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Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida's new surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, are already making news.
Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida's new surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, are already making news. [ GOVERNOR'S OFFICE PHOTO | Governor's Office photo ]
Published Sept. 24, 2021

A doctor’s lament

Parents to ‘rule’ on masks | Sept. 23

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ position that parents should decide whether their children should wear masks or quarantine after COVID-19 exposure is just what you would expect from a non-scientist wanting to glean the votes of those who conflate “freedom” with selfishness. In my practice, I have had some patients with no medical knowledge telling me what tests or treatment they “need.” A physician following these requests/demands would be committing malpractice. It is reckless when “parents” burn masks, use profanity at school board meetings and demand politicians override scientific knowledge in some sort of partisan furor without any regard to the actual risk to their children and extended families. I’m sorry for the kids who have no say in the matter. And yes, I wear a mask all day long, to protect my patients, as well as encouraging vaccinations, for the same reason.

Dr. Michael P. Shear, St. Petersburg

Living in Bizarro World

‘Soul-crushing.’ 1,900 Americans are dying every day from COVID | Sept. 21

Folks! We have been in a pandemic for 18 months and still counting. Why, in the name of all that is good, would you refuse to follow the proven, safe and effective protocols of getting vaccinated and simply wearing a mask to protect your life, the lives of your loved ones and your neighbors? I feel like I went to bed one night six years ago and woke up the next morning in Bizarro World.

A. O’Brien, Pinellas Park

The effect on my child

Parents to ‘rule’ on masks | Sept. 23

I continue to be utterly incredulous at the lunacy of the governor of our state. Since the start of this school year, our child has missed eight days of class due to COVID contact with other children. Let’s talk about infringement of rights on who and how. How can our leadership be so ignorant to reality?

Gray Rideout, St. Petersburg

My COVID story

COVID immunity is a tricky concept | Sept. 22

Here’s a data point. I tested positive for COVID last December. I had a mild case and recovered in a week; the virus never got into my lungs. In January I tested positive for COVID antibodies. Over the next few months, I began to forget things, and I even asked my doctor if I could be getting dementia. In May I got my first Pfizer shot and the second in June. I had no side effects. Miraculously, the brain fog completely disappeared! Clearly, this was a long-hauler symptom. There can be benefits from the vaccine even if one has antibodies. I am happy to be vaccinated.

Linn Sennott, St. Petersburg