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Here’s what readers are saying in Sunday’s letters to the editor.
Gov. Ron DeSantis
Gov. Ron DeSantis [ JOE RAEDLE | Getty Images North America ]
Published Oct. 3

Editor’s note: The letters for September were particularly good so, in a break from tradition, we have chosen two letters of the month. Here they are.

DeSantis threatens ‘millions’ in fines for cities and counties

Congrats to DeSantis

DeSantis threatens ‘millions’ in fines for cities and counties for vaccine mandates

Kudos to Gov. DeSantis for his bold actions to protect employees’ freedoms from mask and vaccine mandates. I humbly suggest that he next tackle those over-controlling signs found in restaurants: “Employees must wash hands after using the toilet.” Using the same logic, it clearly should be an employee’s personal decision whether to prepare food with E. coli-infested fingers. Freedom!

Thomas Brandon, Tampa


Dead right

Parents to ‘rule’ on masks

Florida’s new surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, is spot-on with his observation that the best form of prevention from COVID-19 is for persons to have an infection because this will provide the best immunity. I am aware that he is correct because of a recent experience with a member of my family. He had a severe infection from COVID-19. He is past that now and is completely immune — not only for COVID-19 but flu and other respiratory infections as well. Dr. Ladapo’s recommendation works. Of course we are burying this family member next week.

Charles Chamberlain, Spring Hill

Editor’s note: And here are the regular letters to the editor for Sunday.

A mayor’s breakthrough COVID case

Vaccinated Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard tests positive for COVID-19 | Sept. 23

As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, my wife and I contracted a breakthrough case of COVID. I am writing to express what a non-event this has been other than dealing with the boredom of spending 10 days confined to our home. I don’t know that I have ever done that before. Sure, I worked from home sending emails, having conference calls and the like. We lost our sense of taste and smell, which made food a mere necessity instead of something to be enjoyed. People were thoughtful and sent sweets that we could not taste so we ended up freezing them to enjoy later. My wife did have some fatigue which caused her to sleep significantly longer than usual. Other than that we experienced none of the more severe symptoms you read or hear about.

The fact that we were both vaccinated and had the extra level of protection, what we experienced was more of a nuisance than anything else. Sure, we got a few household chores done with our extra time, but we thankfully didn’t experience a health crisis. Compare that to the unvaccinated that I have seen when visiting our local intensive care units where people of all ages are fighting for their lives and sadly often losing. Think about living with the post-virus health ramifications that could last a lifetime.

I do not believe that vaccines should be mandatory, but I would like to encourage the unvaccinated to stop and think about their loved ones and ask you to get vaccinated so you can continue to fulfill the responsibilities you have to them. I want to see my grandchildren grow, mature and flourish. Fortunately I will be able to that because I got a shot that took me 20 minutes with zero side effects. If you have doubts, go to credible sources like the CDC, Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. Please don’t risk not being around for your family and friends. We all make a difference in society. Don’t leave a void.

Frank V. Hibbard

The writer is mayor of Clearwater.