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Gov. Ron DeSantis
Gov. Ron DeSantis [ JOE RAEDLE | Getty Images North America ]
Published Oct. 7

Use the money

District ponders new tax | Oct. 6

Here we go again, the Hillsborough Public School System ponders asking residents to approve another property tax increase. And yet, Gov. Ron DeSantis heads the only state that refuses to apply for billions in federal school aid. This is an arrogant dismissal of the needs of Floridians.

Jim Gregor, Tampa

Do an audit

District ponders new tax | Oct. 6

Before asking Hillsborough County residents to increase property taxes for schools, there needs to be a thorough external audit of the Florida State Lottery to find out just where those millions of dollars are going. Next, I think that all charter schools should follow the same rules as traditional public schools. For example, if a public school is required to be an evacuation center or a voting location, then so should charter schools. And, also, I don’t think any tax money should be given to any private school in the form of vouchers.

Craig Lewis, Tampa

Bad influencers

Why do herds believe the Big Lie? | Letters, Oct. 2

Traditional “influencers” such as scientists, public health officials, respected community leaders and other sources providing factual information face tremendous resistance today. Anyone with an opinion and smartphone can now become an “influencer.” The quantity of “followers” counts more than any other factor. We seem incapable as a whole society to use careful evaluation and fact finding before forming a judgment. The term “critical thinking” seems now to mean “how to demean and denigrate what doesn’t appeal to me.” News outlets with “facts optional” outlooks have polluted a once-reliable source of useful information for mass consumption. The gleam of “wondrously false,” as a recent letter writer put it in quoting a 19th century historian, has blinded many to erroneous thinking and to the reality of the “wondrously true”: widely accessible, effective vaccines and simple, considerate practices (masking, hygiene, minimal close contact). We may be disturbed or delighted by the truth, but coming to our senses and sticking to the truth is our best way out of the pandemic mess and the other challenges ahead.

Margaret Chiarelli, Largo

Foreign or domestic?

Democrats begin to narrow differences on Biden’s agenda | Oct. 6

Here is a suggestion for all Republicans and DINOs (Democrats In Name Only). Why not take the trillions that we would have spent over the next 20 years in Afghanistan (given how much we actually already spent over the last two decades) and apply this money to domestic programs? Just a thought.

Elaine Lewis, Inverness