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The site of the proposed Anclote Harbor apartment complex on a site along the Anclote River.
The site of the proposed Anclote Harbor apartment complex on a site along the Anclote River. [ City of Tarpon Springs ]
Published Oct. 9

What if we didn’t build there?

Why our Anclote Harbor multifamily project makes sense for Tarpon Springs | Column, Oct. 5

Every city in this state needs to change its outdated comprehensive plan to seriously address the dire effects of climate change and stop doing business as usual with wealthy developers. That extended period of Florida’s history must end, especially in Pinellas County that only has 5% of its natural land left and upon which this developer wants to build.

Not only would this unnecessary development threaten lives in the near future with destruction of wetlands and forests on the Anclote River, it could immediately threaten the proposed renters’ lives with its location right on Route 19 in a FEMA flood zone in a state prone to hurricanes and tropical storms for six months of every year.

This column states that “...our project represents one of the best uses possible for development on the site.” That’s making an assumption that there must be development there. Former Tarpon Springs Commissioner David Banther made the same assumption when he told a group of citizens at a Board of Commissioners public meeting a few years ago that there will always be development and some people need to accept that and learn to compromise. That attitude is why our planet is now compromised. It needs to stop. Now.

Patricia Borowiec, Tarpon Springs

I’ve got the receipts

Do-nothing dollars | Letters, Oct. 8

The 1% transportation tax was an illegally collected tax. The money does not belong to the Hillsborough County Commission to spend on anything. The commissioners should not illegally commandeer the tax money and spend it — that would be stealing money that is not theirs. I kept all my pertinent receipts, and I intend to be fully reimbursed by the county for my overpaid tax even if I have to sue to get what is mine that was illegally taken from me.

James Wisner, Tampa

A ridiculous idea

The latest bad idea for Piney Point should be rejected | Column, Oct. 8

Regarding the failure of the Piney Point phosphogypsum stack failure: We should not allow industry to destroy our environment. I can’t believe they are considering pumping it into our ground water. That seems to be a ridiculous idea.

Ernie Cline, Dunedin