Why are these federal employees allowed to go unvaccinated against COVID? | Letters
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TSA workers at Miami International Airport in 2019.
TSA workers at Miami International Airport in 2019. [ DOUGLAS HANKS | Miami Herald ]
Published Oct. 16

For security sake, get vaccinated

TSA says 40% of employees are unvaccinated as deadline looms | Oct. 13

Every time I go through the security line at the airport, I see numerous people being searched. I was one of those seemingly always selected for a very intrusive pat down. Needless to say, I did not like it, but there was nothing I could do, other than not to fly anymore. I was often told that it was for security’s sake that I submit to this personal search. Now I read that 40 percent of TSA employees won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine. Isn’t it time they submit to this important safety measure? COVID is an international health emergency. Beating it requires as many of us as possible get vaccinated.

John Jacobsen, Clearwater

Dems must get act together

Trump will run in ‘24 | Oct. 14

Columnist Paul Waldman explains, in a matter of fact way, what a modern day coup looks like in America. His concise column was frightening in that it lays out what is taking place in real time. It is apparent that Donald Trump will run in 2024. In the meantime, the plan of subverting a legitimate vote is being set with “big lie” loyalists running the elections in states that may elect the Democrat. With the Trump loyalists running the show as secretaries of state, an election could be overturned in Trump’s favor. With many Trump voters not believing in factual news, Trump will take advantage of his cult-like status among his followers to seize the presidency. It is a perfect storm brewing and the only preventive, perhaps, is for Democrats to get their act together and pass infrastructure and a whittled-down version of Build Back Better, more palatable to centrist voters. With another Trump presidency on the horizon, cohesion of a Democratic message may be the only answer to the coming autocracy.

William Falcone, Brandon

Say no to Florida ‘fraudit’

Trump Florida supporters pushing for election audit | Oct. 13

It is unbelievable that supposedly intelligent Donald Trump supporters have been taken in by his continuous lies concerning the 2020 election. These same people decry spending on infrastructure, education and health care but want to spend taxpayer funds to conduct an Arizona-style “fraudit.” It doesn’t matter that the election results have already been audited and the numerous lawsuits have been either thrown out or disproven, they still blindly follow a self-important con man. Those of us that are concerned about the fragile state of our country should contact our state representatives to ensure that a “fraudit” doesn’t occur in Florida.

Jefferson Lovell, Clearwater

Straz need more bathrooms

Tampa agrees to $25 million for Straz Center expansion and renovation | Oct. 14

As much as I love attending shows at the Straz Center, I detest waiting in line through the entire intermission to visit the ladies room. At times, when the theatre is sold out, it isn’t even possible in the time allotted, particularly if your seat isn’t on the ground level. I implore the Straz Center to spend a little of that $25 million on additional restrooms on the upper floors.

Lynn Barnhardt, Tampa,