On masks, vaccinations and other COVID concerns, whose rights are these, really? | Letters
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Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared war on mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.
Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared war on mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.
Published Oct. 22

We have rights, too

DeSantis plans to call a special legislative session on vaccine mandates | Oct. 21

Gov. Ron DeSantis seems obsessed with “rights,” the right of people to refuse vaccination, to refuse wearing masks, refuse to send their children to school with masks, and their right to enter any business or work any job unmasked and unvaccinated. What about the rights of the rest of us? Our right to attend the theater, knowing that everybody else in the audience is safely vaccinated? Our right to take a cruise, knowing that all fellow passengers are vaccinated? Our right to send our children to a school in which an infected child’s risk to others is minimized by a mask? Our right to work in a place where all of our fellow workers are protecting themselves — and us — from COVID? The governor’s pandering to his mask-less, unvaccinated base comes at the expense of the rights of the majority of us who are protecting ourselves and others from infection. But our rights don’t seem to count.

Stephen Phillips, St. Petersburg

Words of wisdom

The power of Colin Powell’s 13 rules for leadership | Editorial, Oct. 21

Some of the late Colin Powell’s words of wisdom that have stayed with me for many years are from a commencement speech he gave at Howard University on May 14, 1994. In these divided times they are timely: “Above all, never lose faith in America. Its faults are yours to fix, not to curse. America is a family: There may be differences and disputes within the family, but we must not allow the family to be broken into warring factions. From the diversity of our people, let us draw strength and not seek weakness. Believe in America with all your heart and soul, with all of your mind. Remember, that it remains the ‘last, best hope of Earth.’ You are its inheritors and its future is today placed in your hands.”

Joseph Brown, Tampa

Thanks for cleaning up

Say thanks to the Clean Team | Oct. 17

Sunday’s edition of the Tampa Bay Times contained a plethora of interesting and informative articles. I was especially appreciative of the story about downtown Tampa’s Clean Team. Having worked downtown pre-pandemic, I was aware of these workers, but incorrectly thought that they only emptied the trash bins, etc. Thank you for letting us know about all that they do. And, a big thank you to the team that makes downtown enjoyable.

Roberta Riese, Tampa