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Colin Powell
Colin Powell
Published Oct. 23

It’s complicated

The power of Colin Powell’s 13 rules for leadership | Editorial, Oct. 21

I retired as a command sergeant major after 36 years in the Army. I have relied on Gen. Colin Powell’s rules for a very long time. People struggle with “Don’t let adverse facts stand in the way of a good decision” rule. How can it be a good decision if there are adverse facts? Since there are pros and cons to everything, I interpreted this rule to mean that “Nothing is 100%.” Every good decision you or anyone makes will have at least one adverse fact saying it was the wrong decision. This ties in with his “Don’t take counsel of your fears or naysayers” rule. Politicians use fear to divide us all the time. Given a certain policy, if all you ever hear is that it’s bad, or good, you need to find a news source with the opposite opinion. Get the full story before you make your decision.

Russ A. Johnson, Hudson

It’s personal

DeSantis rips mandates | Oct. 22

We do not live in China or Russia where the state can lock you in your homes when you’re sick and force you to take drugs. All we’ve heard from the Biden Administration is that vaccines work, that they protect you from getting so sick that you end up in the hospital or dying. Effectively, COVID-19 vaccinations are now just like flu shots. Those who choose to be vaccinated will be protected. Those who choose not to be vaccinated have made a personal decision and have accepted the risk. Masks work, right? Rather than firing people who have immunity because they’ve already had COVID-19, or firing others for religious beliefs or medical conditions, why not offer them the choice of wearing masks while at work? Then no one needs to lose their livelihood. The bottom line is that mandating vaccinations is not up to the government when it comes to people’s freedom of choice, especially when it comes to drugs that have not had years of analysis.

Mark Khan, Tampa

Stop the madness

For school board member, angry protests get personal | Column, Oct. 22

This morning’s paper was full of more disturbing news about individuals failing to stop the spread of COVID, be it the governor trying to sabotage mandates, or school board members being personally attacked by mobs of unhinged individuals screaming about their personal freedoms. As a guardian ad litem, I am appalled that someone would tie up resources to investigate false charges of child abuse by a school board member when they are already overburdened by the real cases in our state. It is past time for the GOP leadership to stop the madness.

Diane Pearson, Dunedin