Medical marijuana makes perfect sense for seniors | Letters
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Harmony Dispensary grows and sells medical cannabis in Secaucus, N.J.
Harmony Dispensary grows and sells medical cannabis in Secaucus, N.J.
Published Nov. 3

Options are good

Seniors are using marijuana more than ever before | Nov. 1

Physical pain is a natural part of growing older. My pre-geriatric pain is addressed in healthy ways: acupuncture, chiropractic maintenance, yoga, salt floats, hydrotherapy salt baths and daily exercise. While (legal) oral meds may be helpful, I’ve found healthier choices l just listed are better in the long run. However chronic pain is a category all its own. As one who endured such pain myself, I am thankful there are safe meds to help folks live as normally as possible despite the torture of chronic pain.

Ginger Goepper, Treasure Island

Not a rookie

Will Ladapo mask fight matter to Tampa Bay? | Nov. 2

Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, said it was a rookie mistake, but not an unforgivable one, for the Florida surgeon general to refuse to wear a mask when meeting with a senator who has breast cancer. I beg to differ. Dr. Joseph Ladapo is not a rookie. He has worked as a clinical fellow in internal medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a professor at the UCLA Medical Center doing coronary artery disease research. Not sure that qualifies him to be Florida’s surgeon general. I guess what caught our governor’s eye was his similar arrogance and his promotion of unproven treatments against COVID-19, opposing COVID-19 vaccine requirements and questioning the safety of the vaccines. The Florida Senate should do its homework and not confirm him as the state’s next surgeon general.

Neil Armstrong, Bradenton

Lie flat all you like

Young people lying flat has been a long time coming | Column, Nov. 2

I am a Boomer who is 100% behind the Millennials and Xennials who are quitting jobs that they hate or cannot afford to do anymore. I have millennial friends who work ridiculously hard, staying late and working weekends. Hopefully this exodus will make employers more concerned with quality of life in the workplace. My generation had the same issues when we entered the workforce. I watched my father work at a job his whole life only to be replaced with a younger, cheaper worker even as his sales were exemplary. He died on the job from a heart attack while training a new employee to do his job. He was 58.

Ann Jamieson, St. Petersburg

Guns and Hollywood

Sheriff: Movie set showed ‘some complacency’ with guns | Oct. 28

How can Hollywood continue to make money on movies with guns if we have our guns taken away from us?

Dan Raulerson, Plant City