Sorry, flying the flag doesn’t make you a patriot | Letters
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A bright orange moon rose behind an American flag.
A bright orange moon rose behind an American flag.
Published Nov. 8

This is patriotism

If ‘Let’s go Brandon’ is what passes for oratory now, be very worried | Column, Nov. 4

I find it hard to believe we have gone from, ”We, the people,” to “Me, the people.” We aren’t concerned with the common good. I can’t respect someone’s request to wear a mask, but I will defend my right to not get vaccinated? I don’t get it. Somewhere along the line we have decided that simply flying a flag makes you a patriot. It doesn’t matter how you have defamed the image or what you put on it. No, a patriot defends the Constitution, defends freedom of speech‚ defends free elections and accepts the results of those elections. Disputes will be dealt with in a civil manner. We may be imperfect, but our democracy is the best on Earth. We need to grow it, not destroy it.

Richard Wilke, Port Richey

You forgot ‘elitists’

Alienated Republicans, moderate Democrats | Column, Nov. 5

William A. Galston’s eye-opening column offers insight to the issues of the day and through the prism of partisan politics. Although the rank and file were neatly represented in a bevy of charts I couldn’t help but notice one demographic was sorely absent: “Elitists.” Which brings to mind the story of the emperor’s new clothes. The unquestioned elitist point of view and those buy into it only goes to prove who’s truly intellectually naked. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Mark Campbell, St. Petersburg

A rigged election?

Sharp turnabout in Va. governor’s race; GOP wins | Nov. 5

I submit that the Virginia governor’s election was rigged. We can prove it. And, if we can’t prove it, it was still rigged and must be overturned. Can you prove that it wasn’t rigged?

Glenn Poskocil, Tampa Palms

Freedom isn’t free

DeSantis says Florida will sue over work vaccines | Nov. 5

Surprise! Freedom isn’t free. You work in the health care field and want to exercise your freedom not to be vaccinated? No problem, but please do not whine when the price is that you lose your job. It is the price of freedom, don’t you know?

Douglas deVlaming, Charleston, S.C.