Tampa Bay should spend some infrastructure money on better bike lanes | Letters
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A man uses the bike lane on First Ave S. in St. Petersburg in 2019.
A man uses the bike lane on First Ave S. in St. Petersburg in 2019. [ [TIMES (2018)] | Tampa Bay Times ]
Published Nov. 12

Safer bike lanes

Biden pushes Democrats on spending bill | Nov. 10

It was reported in the Tampa Bay Times today that “the infrastructure measure includes $550 billion in additional spending on roads, bridges and public transit over the coming years.” I hope that Florida’s share of this money goes to provide more bicycle lanes in our cities, especially in the Tampa Bay area. Noting the number of reported daily fatalities and injuries to cyclists, I would hope that these future lanes are built with adequate width and with some protection to cyclists, such as a concrete riser, not just a white line.

Magdy Battikha, Belleair Beach

Leadership starts at home

Troubles at home shadow Biden’s climate efforts abroad | Nov. 2

Biden promised to be the climate president and wants to establish the U.S. as an international leader at the COP26 climate talks in Scotland. But leadership starts at home. Biden can’t talk a big game at the climate talks while approving fossil fuel projects in Indigenous, Black, and low-wealth communities. The most important thing he can do to show U.S. leadership is to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Biden can use his existing executive authority to stop fossil fuel projects, just like he did with Keystone XL. From drilling on public lands, to pipelines, refineries, petrochemicals, and exports, he can direct his agencies to reject permits for fossil fuel projects today with a stroke of a pen.

We deserve a world beyond fossil fuels. Biden can deliver it with executive action to not just build back better, but build back fossil free.

Elizabeth Bowman, Sarasota

Simple steps on climate

Climate talks draft agreement expresses ‘alarm and concern’ | Nov. 10

We could slow down the effects of climate change with some simple steps. Deforestation is a problem. Forests capture convert, so make it a world-wide policy that harvested forests must be replanted. Stop clear cutting and burning. We’ve seen fire devastation all around the world today.

In the U.S. it appears we are trying to pave the world. Paved roads absorb sunlight and hold heat. Concrete cities are about 8 degrees hotter than open green space. Paved parking lots seem to be deserts when the sun is beating down. How many acres of land could be reclaimed by putting solar panels over existing commercial parking lots and on roofs? Parked cars would remain cooler in the shade. The list goes on.

John Jones, Seffner

Guns and more guns

U.S. Supreme Court seems ready to strike down law in major gun rights case | Nov. 3

So the motion picture industry is concerned over the handling of guns on movie sets. At the same time the U.S. Supreme Court considers allowing a law that could permit more moviegoers to carry guns into movie theaters. We live in a bizarre environment.

Gregory Matthews, St. Petersburg