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President Joe Biden speaks at Dundalk Marine Terminal during a tour on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021, in Baltimore.
President Joe Biden speaks at Dundalk Marine Terminal during a tour on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021, in Baltimore. [ AMY DAVIS | The Baltimore Sun ]
Published Nov. 15

He’s our president

Senator threatened after mask episode | Nov. 5

I’m a Democrat but one who’s always been open to all arguments. I try — I really do — to hear and to understand both sides of every issue. And yes, I prefer to watch MSNBC and former Republican Joe Scarborough, but I often switch over to Fox News for its opinions. Yet nearly every time I switch channels, I encounter mockery, ridicule and the like, all geared toward trying to create dissension and further the divisions so dangerous to our society. This will get us nowhere, folks. Like it or not, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are our leaders. Let’s get behind them. Let’s give them the chance they earned to make America better without making fun of their every move.

Rick Sherin, Tampa

Rock and hard place

Hospitals caught in political crossfire | Nov. 11

The dilemma for Florida hospitals and health care facilities is very real: Impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates and risk the wrath of the Gov. Ron DeSantis administration, or skip the mandate and risk penalty under federal guidelines. It might sound like an impossible dilemma, but it doesn’t have to be this way if reasonableness can be brought into play. First off, we’re talking about hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities that profit from Medicare. These are groups and institutions chartered and pledged to provide safe and effective health care for the Medicare population. I get it: There are those who are uncomfortable with mandates, but we’re not talking about the general population. Health care professionals, especially those who specialize in services for the elderly, have a responsibility to do right by their fellow workers and their patients. The requirement is as simple as pulling up a sleeve and enduring a tiny moment of discomfort. The upside is getting control of COVID-19 to the point we can start to put the pandemic nightmare behind us.

Jon Crawfurd, Gulfport

Minorities and the military

Veterans Day legislation targets GI Bill racial inequities | Nov. 11

I agree that it is time the inequities displayed when administering the GI BiIl to African-Americans should be addressed. Past time. But that leads to an additional item that also should be addressed: Minorities were barred from full participation in the armed services in World War II. Many of my white family members certainly built their generational wealth on the GI benefits offered post-war. That wealth building was denied to a significant population of our country. Is anyone willing to address that?

Cathy Haggerty, Clearwater