Democrat shouldn’t be so quick to act so righteous | Letters
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For four years, Democrats tried to oust President Trump from office, a letter writer says. Now they complain about criticism of President Biden.
For four years, Democrats tried to oust President Trump from office, a letter writer says. Now they complain about criticism of President Biden. [ YURI GRIPAS | TNS ]
Published Nov. 16

Look in the mirror

Fox News should quit mocking our leaders | Letters, Nov. 14

I’m a conservative independent and I too find Fox News too critical of all things liberal/democrat, but I would find this letter writer’s viewpoint hysterical if it weren’t so sad. He doesn’t seem to recall that his party not only mocked and ridiculed President Trump, they spent his entire four years in office trying to get him out of office. This is the biggest problem with extremists — they never look in the mirror to see the very same problems they accuse their opposition of.

Mark Decker, Seminole

Beware of men professing ‘freedom’

Florida Legislature’s special session is a COVID-19 sideshow | Editorial, Nov. 14

For a governor who labels himself as a champion of freedom, Ron DeSantis spends a lot of time and energy restricting freedoms. Businesses, cruise lines, and school districts are not free to protect their clientele or workers as they see fit. Local communities cannot pass legislation requiring masks or vaccines. Localities are not free to govern what happens to trees on private property. School districts aren’t free to control their own curricula, based on local needs. Local governments are no longer free to set requirements for energy sourcing within their boundaries, nor are they free to regulate the carrying and use of firearms, whatsoever. They are not free to control their own police budgets, and he has repeatedly sought to limit the Constitutional rights to free assembly and protest and has restricted much of the freedom localities have traditionally had to govern many voting regulations.

Autocrats throughout history have grasped control of their realms by cloaking that control as “freedom.” DeSantis is a champion of that tactic — witness his call for a special session of the legislature to preserve freedoms by restricting them.

Stephen Phillips, St. Petersburg

Fragile (white) kids

How young is too young to teach white kids about race? | Nov. 15

Not sure if columnist Leonard Pitts coined “egg carton” parents but I’ll give him credit. It is a perfect description of white parents shielding their white children from American history. I wonder what is the unintended consequences for these parents when their child falls like Humpty Dumpty. They may not be able to put them back together again.

Karla Leavelle, St. Petersburg

Hypocrisy on display

Catholic bishops may avoid rebuke of Biden over abortion | Nov. 15

The catholic church has a lot of nerve criticizing President Joe Biden for his faith after tolerating sexual abuse within its ranks for so long.

Nancy Schubart, Seminole