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Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown in action during an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles in October.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown in action during an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles in October. [ MATT ROURKE | AP ]
Published Dec. 23, 2021

Ethically suspect

Receiver Antonio Brown, safety Mike Edwards will return to Bucs following suspension | Dec. 20

I live and die with the Tampa Bay Bucs. I follow them throughout the week, and on game day I make sure not to miss a single play. I was certain that Antonio Brown’s latest travesty would get him the heave-ho. I’m all about second chances (just the latest of multiple chances in his case) but also was gratified to hear the team and quarterback Tom Brady speak of a no-tolerance policy when Mr. Brown was brought on. That’s how they sold his acquisition to their fans. Now the organization has demonstrated that winning is everything and at all costs. Injuries to receivers Chris Godwin and Mike Evans disappointingly cemented Mr. Brown’s roster spot. The costs to the Bucs organization is its integrity, decency, trustworthiness, and ethics, among many others. If lying to his employer and allegedly committing a felonious crime are not enough to receive appropriate disciplinary action then what will it take to do the right thing with him next time? And there will be a next time.

Dennis Goldbach, Clearwater

Yes to elections security

Gov. Ron DeSantis and an elections police farce | Editorial, Dec. 21

Me thinks thou dost protest too much! Having an election and crime security unit will allow them to do a much needed deep dive into our state’s election systems all year long. Who knows what they may turn up? Investigating election fraud is not the same as community policing which is what “local law enforcement” is chartered with. Election fraud can consist of many different sophisticated and non-sophisticated techniques. The article reported that only 262 election fraud complaints were received out of 18 million ballots. To me, that number seems really low. Each complaint may have actually covered thousands of ballots. Spending $5.7 million is a small price to pay for election integrity compared to the $25 million that is budgeted for the Derelict Vessel Removal Program. Finally, if the unit fails to find any discernible voting irregularities, it can be removed from the budget in any future fiscal year.

Mark Khan, Tampa

Less doom and gloom

When I read your printed editions, I come away with the feeling that America is corrupt and surely racist. Racist to its core. While the paper reports on some worthy news stories the negative overture of your paper is undeniable. It is not just the theme of a troubled America that you feature, where you place the piece also makes a statement. Usually above the fold on page one. America is a diverse nation, a noble nation. We have a rich history that has formed the tapestry of our society. Perhaps you could consider featuring a story that would educate your readers but also make them feel proud to be an American. Being positive is an inspirational energy. Let’s all be more positive.

Rick Rager, Hudson


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