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Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.
Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. [ J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE | AP ]
Published Dec. 24, 2021

More Manchins please

Democrats try to ‘build back’ after Manchin tanks $2 trillion bill | Dec. 20

Joe Manchin was elected by the people of West Virginia to represent them. He doesn’t report to Joe Biden, or Kamala Harris, or Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Schumer or any other far left liberal groups like the The Squad. He reports to the people of West Virginia who elected him. Our country needs more Democrats with the steel in their spines like Joe Manchin has.

Kit Werremeyer, Valrico

Ballooning national debt

Defeat for the Build Back Better plan might not be total disaster for Biden | Column, Dec. 21

I think Sen. Joe Manchin’s declaration of a no-vote on the Build Back Better bill is the right decision. Regardless of the bill’s merits or faults, the size of the national debt is a great threat to our country. Congress needs to come to grips with the debt and adopt measures to reduce it.

I would also note that Congress recently passed a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. It seems to me that Congress and the Biden administration should first demonstrate capable, successful and prudent use of that enormous sum before asking taxpayers for even more money for new projects.

Kenneth Jezek, Tierra Verde

Unneeded scare tactics

Hey, Seminole, what happened to supporting our veterans?| Column, Dec. 20

The Seminole apartment complex known as Valor Preserves is a Pinellas County Housing Authority and Norstar Building Corporation development. It is not a Boley Centers, Inc. project. Boley Centers has been contracted by the developers to provide a professional staff person that will work with those tenants who may need social services. The letter writer’s “bait and switch” is an attempt to disparage this development by pointing to a well-respected service provider that has been helping individuals with mental illness throughout Pinellas County for over 50 years. The stigma of mental illness continues to be used to scare neighbors and foster an us versus them mentality.

The Valor Preserves development is designed to serve veterans with disabilities. Some of these men and women may also deal with mental issues as a result of their service. Should they not have the opportunity to live in a nice neighborhood that they can afford? We encourage the city of Seminole to reconsider their opposition to this much needed affordable housing.

Jack D. Humburg, executive vice president for housing, development, and ADA services at Boley Centers, Inc.

Waiting for booster

Omicron could drive 40,000 COVID cases a day in Florida, UF model shows | Dec. 21

I’ve been told repeatedly by pharmacies that I cannot get a booster shot in Florida until it has been at least six months since my second shot (of Pfizer or Moderna). I got my second COVID shot on July 2. I have been to four pharmacies asking that they disregard this time line and just give me a booster. It is ironic that authorities are begging citizens to get vaccinated, and I find myself begging pharmacies to give me a shot.

Anita Reynolds, Gulfport


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