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A health care worker holds a vial of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at Jackson Memorial Hospital in in Miami.
A health care worker holds a vial of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at Jackson Memorial Hospital in in Miami. [ LYNNE SLADKY | AP ]
Published Dec. 25, 2021

A gift for the holidays

Will omicron finally convince Florida’s unvaccinated to get vaccinated? | Editorial, Dec. 22

Science, with its vast resources, was able to produce in months a vaccine to protect us against our virus of the decade. Now our virus has mutated — more than once, feeding on the unvaccinated. How many more times can it mutate?

Our most precious gift for the holidays is right here — reach out and grab it, protect your loved ones. The vaccine is free insurance for you, yours, and humanity.

Max Rogel, St. Petersburg

End lifetime appointments

Term limits, not court packing, could save the Supreme Court | Column, Dec. 22

Term limits for Supreme Court justices is an excellent idea. Lifetime appointments made sense in the 18th century, when the average life span was much shorter. My calendar indicates we’re living in the 21st century. And therein lies the broader problem with a divided America. The Constitution may have been a genius document in 1789, but without appropriate tweaking, is laughably outdated. Gun rights based on sixty seconds to load one musket ball, voting information delivered by carrier pigeons or messengers riding horses, quill pens to record legal decisions.

There are really two elephants in the American room. One is a system of processes and laws that do not reflect time and technology in 2021. A denial of reality. The second elephant is the absence of critical thinking skills in a significant percentage of the populace. Grift over science. Lies over truth. Illness and death over vaccination. Lifetime judicial appointments over real change. Our democracy is in real trouble.

Sly foxes and amoral, narcissistic conservatives don’t want to recognize flexibility as essential to progress, just laws and a better quality of life. Why should they? They make fun of the disabled, lionize Kyle Rittenhouse, diss their own supporters. And cult-like, too many citizens blindly applaud. It is despicable, maddening, maybe even deplorable.

David Nathanson, Tampa

The wrong path

Kenosha shooter gets standing ovation from conservatives, bashes media outlets | Dec. 22

In Wednesday’s paper there were two articles side by side. One reporting on how thousands of people are lauding teenager Kyle Rittenhouse as a hero for arming himself with an assault weapon, traveling to another state and killing two protesters. The other reported on how some television pundits are encouraging people to “ambush” the villainous Dr. Anthony Fauci with “a kill shot.” I feel like I’ve walked through the looking glass. What morals are we teaching our children these days, and what will tomorrow bring?

Mark Brown, Tampa

Time to right the ship

Fair Warning: If this country doesn’t start pulling together it will go from the United States of America to the Ugly States of America.

Arthur McTighe, Tierra Verde


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