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Here’s what readers are saying in Wednesday’s letters to the editor.
Specific protocols can help stop data breaches.
Specific protocols can help stop data breaches. [ DREAMSTIME | Dreamstime ]
Published Jan. 5

Stop the hackers

Patient, staff data stolen in breach | Jan. 3

This data breach underscores the need for all organizations — government, commercial and private — to incorporate and conduct third-party risk assessments into their information assurance and cybersecurity programs before they grant any access to their systems and networks to third parties. There are plenty of real-world examples such as the Target breach that occurred when a third-party vendor connected its previously compromised laptop to Target’s network, and 110 million customers’ account data was exfiltrated. Organizations need to develop vendor surveys, policies and procedures that meet or exceed their own internal security and information assurance requirements. Many companies that offer cybersecurity insurance require organizations to have signed vendor policies in place before granting insurance and may not be liable if they have not been executed prior to a breach happening. Any cybersecurity must be regularly reviewed, updated and maintained as the threat is constantly evolving.

Mark Khan, Tampa

Real help

Brown gets Brady support | Jan. 4

If any other ordinary Black man in the street stripped off his clothes, threw objects at strangers and displayed the same erratic behavior as Antonio Brown, I dare to say he may have been shot dead. If Bucs quarterback Tom Brady really would like to help his pal, maybe he should drive him over to Tampa General, and insist he have a brain scan and rule out preliminary CTE as the cause of this bizarre behavior.

Marguerite DiGaetano, Tampa

Vaccines work

DeSantis pushes for more antibody doses | Jan. 4

Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing for more monoclonal treatment when recent testing shows that most approved treatments are ineffective against the omicron variant. Instead of supporting vaccinations that are effective, our governor continues to ignore the facts and put Floridians in jeopardy. Monoclonal treatment has to be taken early on in one’s infection and reduces the severity, but it does not provide long-term immunity.

Robert Marotta, Tampa

History’s lesson

College loan payback time still looms | Jan. 2

The student loan debate has brought out the standard lines of reasoning about how many people worked hard and paid their loans off, so why should anybody else get a break? Maybe, we can learn from the 2007 mortgage collapse. Many educational entities that suckered people were in it solely for the money, and the quality of the education offered never lived up to the type. Because of the complexity, the feds should set up navigators to review the loans on a case-by-case basis. Let’s help the debtors and not the greedy moneymen.

Brian Valsavage, St. Petersburg


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