Pasco Letters to the Editor for Aug. 17

Published August 13 2018
Updated August 13 2018

Re: County authorizes takeover of SunWest Park | Aug. 10

ĎA poor idea
from the start

With no fanfare whatsoever, we now have a new park that no one I know ever seems to use or even know where it is. If it is bringing hordes of tourists to our county, it is not very obvious.

The operator of the park for the past two or three years had a habit of not paying rent. So I guess in the interest of charity, we just forget about it. And, in addition, we give the same individual and his company a new contract and permission to make any money there is to be made at the park with rentals, snack bar sales, etc., with no real guarantee that he will suddenly remember to pay the peanuts he is being charged for rent.

It seems that all of the maintenance of the park that this individual did not do according to his contract is now county responsibility, and we have to play catch-up.

The estimated parking fee income is a dream and will never happen. The net cost of $21,000 for the first year is not believable and is thrown out to the public to prove how cheap this boondoggle will be to support.

If anyone had ever asked the public whether a wave park was a good idea, I am sure that this project never would have been started. It seems to me that it was a poor idea from the start and now we are doubling down to make it work. What a disaster.

Lewis Corvene, Hudson