Pasco Letters to the Editor for Aug. 31

Published August 28 2018
Updated August 28 2018

Re: Is ‘Live PD’ bad for Pasco’s
image? | Aug. 24 C.T. Bowen column

‘Live PD’ shows that deputies are human

It is too bad in your list of things to do you decided to add this ridiculous article to it.

Please get over yourself. This show is no different than Cops, which I’m sure you know ran for three decades and started in Broward County. I don’t remember anyone complaining how Cops hurt the standing of their sheriff’s department.

This show does nothing but show the everyday life of a sheriff’s deputy. Unfortunately, some of the calls are mundane, but it is truly real life and not made-for-TV unreality, like most shows. Cops are human, and it helps people to see that. If that commissioner’s friend decided not to move here because he saw this show, well, we need less people like that in this state anyway. And maybe commissioners, also. I believe I will vote against her in the next election. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

Rick Haynes, Wesley Chapel

Can show solve mystery?

Yes, it is very bad for Pasco’s image.

Perhaps the glare of the spotlight will spur a search for the cause and remedy for Pasco’s crime problems.

Jerry Sweet, Hudson

Who benefits from show?

I read your article regarding Live PD, and I agree it doesn’t look good for any of the areas they show. I am wondering what’s in it for those counties? They must be getting some financial gain or something in order to show all the dirty laundry.

Thanks for the interesting take.

Susan Mack, New Port Richey

Ridge Road Extension a fantasy project, despite county efforts

Highway to nowhere

Pasco County government has unveiled its beautiful new website touting the Ridge Road Extension, but the Ridge Road Extension is going nowhere except into Pasco’s version of Fantasyland.

Despite the pretty pictures of a gopher tortoise and manicured medians, the Ridge Road Extension will slice and dice the Serenova Wilderness Tract of the Starkey Preserve. It will leave wildlife and plants stranded amid concrete, pavement and car smells — if it gets built — and it will go absolutely nowhere but to new developments.

Pasco County has failed since 1998 to convince the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Wildlife Service that we need the Ridge Road Extension.

And, even if the permit is finally granted, the SOS Coalition’s three attorneys will immediately file in federal court, suing the county. It will delay the project for a minimum of a decade, if not forever, killing the zombie highway to nowhere.

But enjoy this pretty website.! You’re paying for it, and for the blatant lie that we need another hurricane evacuation route. Hurricane Irma showed we do not. Don’t forget to look at the costs to pay for destroying one of west Pasco’s most peaceful, beautiful hiking, biking and horse-riding places.

Dan Callaghan, New Port Richey