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  1. Letters to the Editor

Thursday's letters: Charter schools aren't the enemy

Don't plug your ears when schools ask for tax | May 20, column

Charter schools aren't the enemy

As an educator, I am astounded when I hear claims from school board members that charter schools take away funding from the local public school system. That is not the case. Charter schools provide options for families and are partners in our local public school systems.

I can personally attest, as both a teacher and a parent. I have educated young minds for 12 years. Most of my career has been in district-run schools. When I brought my family to this area, my children were zoned to a school that had received consecutive D's. For me, it was not a suitable option. As a single mother, homeschooling was not an option either. Charter schools have provided a solution. I have watched their love for learning flourish.

Thousands of families in Hillsborough are in similar positions. We do not all have the opportunity to buy our way into high-class neighborhoods with high-performing schools. But we believe our children deserve a high-class education. At the same time, charter schools like mine are helping the school district absorb rapid population growth in the Riverview area, where existing schools are overcrowded.

I believe district and charter school educators should join forces to raise a stronger voice for quality public education. Our schools rely on the same funding sources. We all want our students to receive necessary support services. We all desire salaries that allow us to support our families.

We educate the world. Let's work together to change it.

Marsha Edwards, Ruskin

Net neutrality repealed:
what it means for the web | June 12

Lead the way locally

With the end of net neutrality, your internet carrier can decide what you can see on the internet. It can speed up or slow down internet sites at will. If your carrier has a deal with Hulu, they can slow down Netflix or vice versa. Leave it to the Trump administration to mess up one of mankind's best inventions.

I have a radical idea. What if Hillsborough County, instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a baseball stadium, decides to wire the county for 5G. 5G will be a series of small antennas placed on utility poles that will blanket the area in internet access that is 100 times faster than 4G.

The FCC has abandoned what the American people overwhelmingly wanted: free and open internet. Hillsborough County could be a leader.

F.M. Younglove, Brandon

Fight over waterfront looms | June 8

Beautiful without sculpture

I agree with St. Petersburg's Waterfront Parks Foundation in regards to the aerial net sculpture proposed for Spa Beach. It is evident already that our beautiful waterfront is a treasure by the increasing number of people who visit downtown. Just the fact that the sculpture's supporting elements would be visible would detract from the waterfront's appeal.

If those individuals who are for the net sculpture still insist on pushing this through, due to its size and impact, it should be decided by the voters of St. Petersburg. The parks are for all of us, not just one group who thinks our waterfront "deserves" the installation.

Cecelia Dumois, St. Petersburg

Break the law, lose your kid | June 9, letter

Decency demands better

This letter writer seems to be okay with what is happening in our name at the border. I am not.

A lot of the these people are coming here seeking asylum from war-torn countries and are presenting themselves, as they are supposed to, just to have their children ripped from them with no idea what will happen to them. These children are then being put into cages, like animals, and in some cases the government has lost track of them. No one should be treated this way. In the Geneva Convention, prisoners of war are not allowed to be treated this way.

I have one thing to say to this writer. What ever happened to common human decency?

Yvonne Osmond, Clearwater

Clearwater seeks money
to keep Phillies | June 11

No Penny funds for team

My heart aches for the Phillies, but if one dollar of Penny for Pinellas funds is given to this corporation, I, and anyone else I can convince, will never vote for this tax again.

Incidentally, if this is such a great deal for Pinellas, why don't the benefactors of this $125 million economic bonanza invest the $16 million?

Joe Sullivan, Largo

Handshake opens historic summit | June 12

Summing up the summit

My description of President Trump's meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un: an over-hyped photo op accompanied by much rhetorical hyperbole.

Dave Hepler, Tierra Verde

Trump stumbles into truth

During his press conference following his meeting with North Korean chairman Kim Jong Un, President Trump said: "At some point I have to be honest."

That would be refreshing.

Allan A. Love, New Port Richey

55 sheriffs from across Florida
endorse Scott for Senate | June 11, Buzz post

Florida politics take the cake

Having worked as a journalist in Rhode Island where the mayor of the capital city was videotaped taking a bribe, sent to prison, and re-elected mayor when released, I thought I had seen it all.

The Buzz, however, shows Florida may be running a close second with a report that 55 of the sheriffs have endorsed for the U.S. Senate Gov. Rick Scott, who presided over a company guilty of the biggest Medicare rip-off in history and in another case took the Fifth Amendment 75 times in a row.

John Ennis, Hudson