Wednesday’s letters: Girl’s drowning death is one of two tragedies

Published August 6 2018
Updated August 7 2018

Mother: Dead girl now ‘pure’ | Aug. 7

Two tragedies

This is another tragedy of a parent who became overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for an autistic child. But an equally bad sequence of events is likely to happen in the days and months to come.

Shakayla Denson was probably poorly equipped to care for this child, who had many challenges, including being non-verbal. She may have done her best with the resources she had, which, in our society, can be few and far between, depending on your circumstances.

But now, even though she was not able to make a rational decision on what to do next, and needed much more help than she had access to, or how to get what help was available, in all likelihood, she will be tried for first-degree murder and may spend the rest of her life in prison. The law wasn’t meant to be carried out for revenge. It’s supposed to be about justice. This is not justice.

Marie Chapman, Dunedin

Sheriff: Go back to New York | Aug. 7

A better way to respond

I felt some sympathy for Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri’s situation as the stand your ground law is a nightmare for law enforcement. However, after reading his response to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s speech, it seems he has missed the point.

The sheriff should be concerned about the statistics that Sharpton revealed. He could have expressed his sympathy for the family of Markeis McGlockton and admitted that this is a terrible law that has been made worse by the recent changes from our legislators. I voted for Sheriff Gualtieri last time he ran. Never again.

Ann Jamieson, Tarpon Springs

Keeping law and order

Sheriffs’ responsibilities are to maintain law and order in their communities. I would say telling the Rev. Al Sharpton to go home and mind his own business is correct. Thank you, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. We do not need pot stirrers nor do we need those feckless politicians who came to be seen. What a circus.

H.P. Sherwood, Clearwater