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Brian Moore, District 2 Hernando commission candidate replies

Published Oct. 8, 2014

Candidate replies

Editor's note: The Tampa Bay Times offers candidates not recommended by the editorial board an opportunity to reply.

Brian Moore,

District 2, commission candidate

I was surprised your recommendation never indicated that candidate Jimmy Lodato does not live in District 2 .

I assumed the Tampa Bay Times would endorse any Democrat, even if Mr. Lodato registered Democrat only last year. It is also doubtful if the Times endorses minor party candidates.

Besides the single issue of incumbent Wayne Dukes voting against impact fees, there is no difference between Dukes' or Lodato's platforms/ideology. Both support the 10-year penny sales tax ($173 million), plus a costly nature center ($6 million), more industry/airport expansion, home sales, tourism, new construction and contrived economic development projects promoted by the county.

Brian Moore is the only candidate to oppose these costly developments and a 10-year sales tax on county residents, and the resulting destruction both actions will impose on our county's rustic and pristine character.

I stand by my principles and platform, asking Hernando County residents to vote Brian Moore, commissioner