1. Letters to the Editor

Camera or not, stop at red lights

Published Jun. 23, 2012

Red-light camera warnings, June 21 article

Camera or not, stop at red lights

Anyone who has a driver's license knows you have to stop at a red light to make a right turn. The quoted motorist received her ticket because she didn't stop to make the turn. That's why they put the cameras there — to catch people who don't stop.

It doesn't matter if you do not know the camera is there. If you break the law, you get a ticket. Maybe she needs to take a driver's exam.

Delores Semmel, Brooksville

Red-light camera warnings, June 21 article

Lawbreakers will get ticketed

Mary Smith feels that there should be better warnings when there is a red light camera at an intersection. My question to her would be "Why?"

Does she only stop at red lights where there is a camera and just blow through the others? Maybe that's why there were more than 700 tickets issued in the first four weeks of the program.

I have a novel idea — obey the law. If you obey the law and stop at all red lights, there is no need for any warning signs and you won't get any tickets for running a light.

Barry Kreiling, Brooksville

Worker disciplined after leaving kitten in truck, June 16 article

Our animals deserve better

You would think that being under investigation would be enough to prevent awful things like the neglect of this kitten from happening. Yes, we all get busy and sidetracked. It has happened with children being left in cars. But it would seem to me that some kind of reminder system would be in place for Hernando County Animal Service employees as they're checking out for the day. If there isn't, maybe now there will be.

But what's even worse is the unnecessary killing of this little one who battled 40 hours of heat, proving his will to live. Feral? If Linda Christian could handle this 8-week-old kitten to medicate it, how feral could it have been? I have seen feral adult cats change to loving animals given enough time. Surely this kitten didn't have to die. At least this kitten knew some kindness in its short life from Linda Christian.

When are bad decisions going to stop being the norm at Animal Services? There are a couple of good employees; the rest need to be replaced. Get people in there who care about animals and who deserve our tax dollars.

Mary Firminger, Brooksville

Principal was not good for school

I clearly stand behind the decision the School Superintendent Bryan Blavatt made as far as Fox Chapel Middle School Principal Barbara Kidder. As a parent of a student and also a volunteer there at that school, she was not good for that school. She didn't have a handle on the students or the teachers.

She allowed a teacher to clearly bully my child and other children. She failed her responsibility to report professional misconduct that would protect the health, safety, and welfare of a student.

Mrs. Kidder, let's not talk about bias because you did that, too, to your students, parents and employees.

Celeste Stephens Harris, Spring Hill

Lack of upkeep disgraces area

We the people are still paying all our expected taxes, but we're no longer seeing much county upkeep for our money.

Our area has seen the mosquito patrol only once this season and what's with all our medians, side roads and sidewalks?

Sidewalks are now over-grown with high weeds and medians are even worse all over. Where are all the county workers? None of our tax monies left to pay them?

Maybe some of those black and white striped-suited prisoners could use some exercise and stimulation to cut and mow and help pay back some of their expenses for the county to house them. It would be a win-win situation.

All county officials need to open their eyes and get out there and take a good look at their job results. This area is a disgrace to any visitor or newcomer and all of us paying our taxes to live here.

Mary Kay Bratt, Spring Hill