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  1. Letters to the Editor

County's concern for nature dwindles

Environmental concerns dwindle

In 1988, over 60 percent of Hernando County voters approved a bond issue to allow for the purchased of environmentally sensitive lands (ESL) in danger of being developed.

Last week, we rejected the continuation of that program, but, at the same time, did agree to pay extra taxes in order to spread poisons in an attempt to kill mosquitoes.

The concern for the environment among the voters certainly has changed in 25 years even though more and more of our natural landscape is continuing to disappear.

I supported the ESL Program, and will try not be a sore loser since our voters have the final say.

I only hope that Mother Nature will not be too upset by our rejection of her and she will continue to provide us with clean water, clean air and most things vital to our quality of life.

Michael Liberton, Webster