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Friday's letters: Take a knee for Chicago

A few more join Kaepernick in protesting anthem | Sept. 12

Take a knee for Chicago

Time for a wakeup call to Colin Kaepernick and other athletes taking a knee during the two-minute national anthem to protest "oppression of blacks and other minorities in this country."

Statistics from the Wall Street Journal indicate that the most prevalent oppressors in black communities aren't rogue cops. The most commonplace oppressors are young black men settling slights and grudges with handguns.

So far this year in Chicago, nearly 3,000 black citizens have been shot by other blacks, including a 10-year-old boy and two 6-year-old girls. Chicago averages a shooting every two hours.

If Kaepernick and his NFL sympathizers took a two-minute knee for each of the 516 blacks murdered by fellow blacks in Chicago so far this year, they'd stay kneeling through five full games. By sitting down against the police, Colin and friends are inadvertently standing up for killers and crime.

Steve Price, Tampa

Sewage 'black cloud' worsens | Sept. 15

Too many building permits

All of the uproar about the dumping of partially treated sewage into Tampa Bay fails to identify the root cause of the problem. There have been too many building permits granted to developers all around the bay system. Toilets are sprouting like toadstools!

Charles M. Fuss Jr., St. Pete Beach

How sweet it was

In the '70s my parents built a beautiful house near Clearwater Beach. I remember the beach being pristine, clean and easy to get to with little traffic. You could eat at a nice little beachy place without lines and a big bill.

Now we fear for our health to even take a dip in the ocean. We can't even get to the beach or park without a hassle. We can't even see the beach because of all the high-rise development. We are more concerned about building a new stadium, new pier and bigger and better places to shop.

Why not spend that money and improve our sewers and old infrastructure first, so we can have a beach to go to in the future without risk of swimming in a toilet. So we can still enjoy the wildlife at the beach. So we can prevent our neighborhoods from flooding every time it rains. So we can preserve the beauty we have now!

Lorraine Stevenski, Land O'Lakes

Campaign 2016

Clinton is deplorable

Hillary Clinton may consider me "deplorable," but I am voting for Donald Trump to keep her out of our White House. It is not me but Clinton who is deplorable. Why? Because she used a secret email server to hide official and private activities, jeopardized our nation's secrets for personal convenience, consistently lied to the American people about it, failed to protect our staff in Benghazi and then lied about it, and operates a "pay-for-play" foundation for personal gain.

Andrew W. Schultz, Tampa

Trump's shady dealings

I am amazed that so many people are worried about lies from Hillary Clinton, but it does not seem to faze them that Donald Trump has cheated people who worked for him and people he was in business with, plus the ones who signed up for Trump University.

As for his charitable organization, he no longer contributes anything to that. Plus no one seems to be concerned that he hires foreign workers at many of his hotels even though there are qualified American workers. He talks about bringing jobs back to the United States; maybe he should start with the facilities that he owns and hire American workers.

As far as the religious people, I do not understand how they can condone the words he uses about other people. That is not what the Bible says or what Jesus taught. Yes, we need to worry about terrorists, but many of the terrorists that we have seen in this country who killed many people were not Muslim extremists but long-term or lifetime citizens of this country.

When will the media hound Trump about all of his lies the way they have hounded Clinton about her emails?

Janice Falcon, Zephyrhills

Selective sensitivity

Why all the outrage from the Trump camp on the "deplorable" statement? I have been hearing so much about how his lack of political correctness is something they admire. Now that Hillary Clinton has exhibited some, it's a bad thing. "Political incorrectness" isn't as much fun when you're the target.

Stephan Fugleberg, Tampa

Protection from a bank gone rogue | Sept. 13, editorial

Someone should be jailed

Your editorial hit the nail on the head but left out one very important thing. Not one bank official was charged with a crime. Look back a few years when Wells Fargo earned the dubious distinction of laundering a record amount of Mexican drug money. Not one person was charged — no, it was time to get out the golden parachutes and pull the rip cords. Ditto for this latest Wells Fargo ripoff. If someone else had cheated the public like Wells Fargo did, they would be facing a long jail term.

John Ennis, Hudson